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If you blindfolded me and served me any one of Teeccinos herbal teas, Im not totally sure I could guess it wasnt coffee. Made from roasted carob, chicory, and dandelion root, these herbal bevs have every bit of the coffee flavor, with none of the caffeine. The dark roast is the closest dupe, but the caramel nut, coconut, and mocha mint varieties took me right back to my university days when I was obsessed with adding flavored syrups to my skinny flat whites. Buy a sampler pack and pick a tea bag out willy-nilly for a fun morning roulette. Something to look forward to!

Black Tea As A Healthy Coffee Alternative

The most popular caffeine alternative to coffee is black tea! Black tea comes from leaves of the Camelia sinensis plant.

The Camelia sinensis plant also gives us white, green, oolong, yellow, and dark tea. You can drink any of these teas as coffee alternatives for energy. They just differ on the taste, and amount of caffeine in each.

Black tea has the most amount of caffeine and is the most popular of the Camelia sinensis teas.

Black tea also just very similar to coffee, which makes it easy to switch it with your morning cup of coffee. Its dark, its warm, and can be mixed to your liking with milk and sugar!

They even sell specific breakfast blends to get you through the morning hump. Try out the different breakfast blends, like English, Irish, and Scottish! Maybe your country or city even has their own blend you can try!

Caffeine per cup compared to coffee!

Black Tea: ~ 26 mg

Why Is Black Tea Better Than Coffee? All Thanks To L-Theanine

Black tea obviously has less caffeine than coffee but it also has the addition of L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid that balances out the caffeine to give a more slow and steady energy boost.

That means say goodbye to those horrible caffeine crashes and jitters! L-theanine is more of a relaxing, stress-reducing source of energy if that even makes sense.

P.S. Did you know that tea is also so powerful that it might even help you live longer!

Build & Track Your Tea Journey

One Stripe Chai Co Chai Me At Home

This herbal tea has been drunk in South America for centuries, and for good reason. The flavor, which is slightly more earthy and floral than coffee but less bitter, is delicious. If youre about the health benefits, know that yerba mate is full of antioxidants and contains more caffeine than some teas but less than coffee, so its great for people that need a gentle energy boost without the crash. Its also incredibly easy to make: Put a teabag in your cup, then steep it in boiling water for at least five minutes. I like to top mine off with frothed milk and stir in a teaspoon of brown sugar.

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The Reason People May Turn Their Back On Coffee Altogether May Be Over Confusion As To Whether It’s Good For Us

“A lot of the health benefits within coffee are overlooked, but it’s full of bioactive compounds. There’s a lot more to coffee than just caffeine.”

Traditionally, caffeine-free alternatives were drunk because they were cheaper than coffee. For example, people used to add chicory to coffee to make it last longer, says Kuhnle.

“Old cookery books tend to suggest lots of ways to make coffee last longer, often using homegrown ingredients, because coffee beans were expensive,” he says.

How times change. Now, a beetroot or turmeric latte from a coffee shop is likely to set you back just as much as a coffee.

Ginseng is a stimulant which can have similar effects to caffeine

But the reason people may turn their back on coffee altogether may be over confusion as to whether it’s good for us or not, says Mills.

“Coffee is a very complicated topic. This confusion may be steering people away from coffee to things that are more one-dimensional, things termed ‘superfoods’, for example, are easier for people to get on board with without understanding the details.”

But it turns out that there is no simple answer. The likes of turmeric, maca and moringa lattes either have too small doses to have any beneficial health effects, or may risk causing adverse side-effects we don’t yet understand.

“A lot more research needs to go into these things before we drink them as health drinks,” says Mills. “If you want a caffeine-free coffee, I’d suggest decaf coffee.”

Still Want Your Morning Cup Try Drinking It Like This Instead

10 Coffee Alternatives to Improve your Health &  Energy!

For the die-hard coffee lovers out there, we got you covered too. If the idea of giving up your morning cup seems like an impossible feat, we have some tips to help you supercharge that cup of joe, and possibly ease some of those caffeine jitters.

  • Add a healthy fat like 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to your morning cup of coffee.
  • Use ½ decaf, ½ regular to limit your caffeine intake.
  • Sprinkle in some stress-busting spices like cinnamon and turmeric
  • Use pure maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, or monk fruit extract as your sweetener vs. regular sugar.
  • Skip the heavy cream and choose a dairy-free option like coconut cream instead.
  • Limit your morning caffeine intake to just 1-2 cups of coffee.

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Get Moving With Your Favorite Music

Play your favorite music on your morning walk or press play on a FitOn PRO workout where you can stream top hits before your busy day gets started. Exercise is an ideal way to get the blood flowing, helping us feel more energized. Plus, it releases endorphins and our feel-good hormones, serotonin, and dopamine, contributing to increased energy and mood.

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How To Quit Caffeine Or Ease Yourself Off Coffee

If youre ready to kick coffee, start by tallying your daily coffee intake. This will give you an idea of where and when to cut back.

For example, if you typically drink an oversized mug of coffee first thing in the morning, try switching to a smaller mug. Or order the next drink size down for your afternoon brew at the coffee shop. If you usually drink cold brew, which tends to have more caffeine than drip coffee, try ordering it with extra ice to start. Cut back gradually so your body can get used to lower levels of caffeine without suffering from too many withdrawal effects, recommends the Mayo Clinic.

Still, side effects like headaches and irritability are possible, so it helps to be prepared. Counteract by drinking ample water and aiming for natural energy pick-me-ups, such as exercise and time in the sun, says Sarah Schlichter, MPH, RDN of Bucket List Tummy and owner of Nutrition For Running.

Incorporating coffee alternatives into your routine is another great way to kick your habit.

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How Might Alternatives To Coffee Be Better For You

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid these side effects from your daily energy fix, by looking to healthier, caffeine-free alternatives to coffee. As Brielle tells us, these are far less likely to build up the reliance on caffeine that some people experience when drinking coffee regularly, and they can also provide nutritional benefits beyond boosting your energy.

As Cheryl explains, some of the benefits of drinking coffee come from the polyphenols in it, which are an antioxidant with potential health benefits that include treating digestion issues and preventing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However, there are plenty of other energising food and drink options that also contain polyphenols.

Plain Water Or Water With Lemon

Coffee Alternative (Kind of) for Energy: Strong Coffee Company

Nutritional studies have determined that dehydration could bring on fatigue. A few signs of dehydration are a headache, an inability to focus or a feeling of being tired. If these symptoms exist, it is suggested to drink more water. A person can add lemon to the water for a little flavor. Many individuals only drink when they are thirsty, which is an indication of dehydration. When lacking sufficient hydration, science has proven the bodyâs performance is not at 100 percent. A study with athletes showed that low levels of hydration influence the ability to exercise properly. For help with dehydration and getting plenty of water, it is helpful to always carry a water bottle.

In moderation, coffee is not unhealthy. Staying hydrated, eating more vegetables and getting more protein will help provide the body with energy that is needed. Introducing other nutritional drinks to the diet may give some health benefits as well.

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Benefits Of Quitting Coffee

Because caffeine is a stimulant, you can develop a dependence on coffee. If you rely on coffee to boost your energy levels every day, you may experience some unpleasant side effects when you cant get your fix. Take this as a sign it may be time to cut ties The afternoon headache that hits you if you dont have that second cup may be an incentive to reduce caffeine intake, Simon says.

Keep an eye out for these other side effects of coffee:

  • Disrupted sleep

If youre bothered by any of these side effects, reconsider your coffee habit.

You also may want to quit coffee or find a coffee alternative if youre pregnant. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends pregnant women limit their caffeine intake to less than 200 mg a day. Talk to your doctor to determine what is best for you.

Vegetable And Fruit Smoothies

Give your body a treat by having a smoothie made up of fresh veggies and fruits . Smoothies are caffeine-free but still give you the boost needed to be active all day.

This mixture of vitamins, essential minerals, and calories is also a complete meal. And above all, it’s natural. Compared to coffee, it almost has no side effects.

A healthy dose of vitamin A, K, and C present in an average glass of smoothie is a great way to jump-start your day .

Smoothies made from fresh fruits and veggies are full of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. They are also easier to consume in your daily routine. Some popular choices include green veggies like carrots, spinach, and kale. And for fruit, consider delicious berries, bananas, mangos, and oranges.

Make sure you use seasonal fruits and veggies to get the most out of nature’s energy sources. Also, be aware of the fact that low-quality blenders may not be able to extract vitamins properly. Always use high-quality blenders.

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Ful Sparkling Spirulina Drinks

If you drink coffee as an energy booster, try FUL® sparkling spirulina drinks. Made from natural ingredients with a healthy splash of spirulina extract, this beverage provides you with all the health benefits of spirulina while leaving you feeling hydrated and refreshed. Its also sugar-free and low in calories, making it suitable for people who want to cut down on their sugar consumption and stay fit.

Spirulina is a superfood that has an amazing nutritional profile and potent antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, which have made it one of the most popular dietary supplements. Additionally, spirulina contains essential vitamins like vitamins B1, B2 and minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, and manganese. Furthermore, studies have found that consuming spirulina helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure. One downside of spirulina is its off-putting taste and smell. However, this disadvantage is eliminated in FUL® drinks, as they contain a proprietary spirulina extract instead of powdered spirulina.

The Dark Side Of Coffee

Alternatives To Coffee For Energy While Pregnant / Best Energy Drink ...

The recommended daily maximum is 34 cups which is 400 mg of caffeine, and for the average person, drinking coffee can be healthy in moderation. But drinking more than the daily recommended level of coffee may result in some adverse health effects that are consistent with a caffeine overdose. Those effects can include:

  • Weight gain: Caffeine in coffee can increase the level of your stress hormone cortisol, and elevated cortisol may cause weight gain.
  • Low energy: Caffeine stimulates the bodys adrenal system, which boosts energy for a short time but then crashes it to leave you fatigued.
  • Mineral deficiency: Caffeine affects iron absorption in your stomach. It also reduces your kidneys ability to store calcium, zinc, magnesium and other important minerals.
  • Disrupted sleep: Caffeine stays in your nervous system for 46 hours, so even if you feel fatigued when you go to bed, the caffeine can still disrupt your sleep.

Sound scary? Or does the idea of having to power through your day without caffeine sound even scarier?

Well, fear not! Next are 5 great alternatives to coffee that will help you keep your coffee cravings in check but your energy levels soaring!

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Lions Mane Uses And Benefits

To make a long story short, Lions Mane is the mushroom of choice if you are looking for a boost to support cognitive function and energy.* Regular use of Lions Mane mushroom powder may help with focus, productivity, creativity, and clarity of thought.*

When choosing a Lions Mane mushroom powder, you will want to ensure they contain no stimulants, sugar, artificial flavors, or preservatives so you are nourishing your body naturally. To learn more about the many benefits of Lions Mane mushroom for both the brain and overall health, check out this article.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

Is It Better To Not Drink Coffee

Some people experience side effects after drinking coffee since its really easy to overdo it on this drink. This can result in anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, headaches, digestive distress, hormonal imbalances, and muscle breakdown. Thus, its a good idea to look into switching coffee out for a healthier alternative.

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Why Too Much Coffee Can Be A Bad Thing

Studies are conflicting on if caffeine is positive or negative for our bodies, but I do know that too much of it can have major health impacts- things like anxiety, a racing heart, and loss of sleep. If you experience any of these things- its a great opportunity to look at your routine with caffeine .

You Can Only Stomach So Much Turmeric Charlotte Mills

What’s The BEST Coffee Alternative? Boost Energy With ZERO Caffeine!

But while Heinrich says this also doesn’t offer an energy boost comparable to coffee, “there is some research suggesting it could have preventive effects especially in case of infectious diseases, and as others claim also in the prevention of some cancers”. Similarly, some studies have shown some health benefits linked to turmeric. But you won’t see any of these benefits from drinking a turmeric latte, says Charlotte Mills, a lecturer in nutritional sciences at the University of Reading.

“You can only stomach so much turmeric, so to get the effects shown in some of the research, the dose you’d need is incredibly high. I’m not sure you’d get that through a coffee alternative,” she says.

“We’ve been researching coffee for ages,” says Gunter Kuhnle, professor of food and nutritional sciences at the University of Reading. “We know how caffeine acts. Turmeric is used as a spice and colourant in small amounts, but in large amounts in drinks, we don’t know.”

Matcha powder has been a popular recent addition to the hot beverage market in the West

Kuhnle agrees, and says you’re more likely to see adverse effects if you consume a large enough quantity of turmeric.

“Research into the potential toxicity of drinking loads of turmeric, or other plant bioactives, hasn’t been done, which is concerning,” he says.

But there is some research suggesting that consuming turmeric while pregnant or breastfeeding, or on specific medication, such as insulin, can come with certain health risks.

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Coffee Alternatives For A Midday Energy Boost

There’s a reason 150 million Americans regularly drink coffee or similar caffeinated beverages–it gives us an energy boost and increases our focus. In the middle of a tough workday, it can be exactly what we need to feel better, think more efficiently, and hammer out our work in ample time. Unfortunately, overreliance on coffee can actually be a downside, as I once wrote in “7 Reasons Too Much Coffee Is Killing Your Career.” It can raise your blood pressure, influence the development of bad habits, and cost you a ton of money–not to mention thanks to caffeine tolerance, it loses its effectiveness over time.

Instead, why not try one of these seven coffee alternatives? They’re cheap, easily available, and they’ll give you just as much of an energy boost as any cup of coffee:

Types Of Mushrooms Powder For Energy

If your mushroom powder includes adaptogens, chances are that you may find that you get a natural energy boost after regular use. For example, Reishi mushrooms are usually best known for helping to achieve a sense of calm, but when enhanced with Ashwagandha root, an adaptogen known for stress support, this elixir may help promote a natural energy boost.*

Similarly, Chaga mushrooms are exalted for their ability to support a healthy immune system, and when mixed with the adaptogen Eleuthero root, may help ward off fatigue and depletion by providing whole-body stress support.*

That all said, one mushroom stands above the rest when it comes to helping promote energy, and thats the Lions Mane mushroom.

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