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Keurig Coffee Maker water line connection – Never fill the water tank again

Coffee is a morning ritual for many people. But what if you dont have time to make it in the morning? Or what if you want coffee while youre working on your computer but dont want to get up?

Before you call customer service or bring it back to the store. Rachel Wharton recommends taking a close look at this Blog Post. We will guide you how to install water line for your coffee maker so that you can have fresh, hot coffee whenever you want it.

Do You Want To Filter Coffee Or Espresso

Theres often a huger gulf between the espresso aficionados and the coffee drinkers who just want a mug of straightforward coffee. The coffee revolution of the past few decades has brought milk-based coffees into the limelight. To make these, youll need either a k-cup-based system ( or a barista-style

What Is A Plumbed Coffee Machine

Coffee makers that directly connect with the water line are called plumbed coffee makers. The water lines keep the tank filled up without you having to fill it manually.

This coffee maker is best if you have a big family who drinks coffee daily or is excellent for the office area to accommodate the big staff.

You will find this coffee at cafes, offices, and restaurants, but you can consider having one for your home as well, just like plumbed refrigerators.

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How To Choose The Best Coffee Maker With Water Line

Unlike when selecting ordinary coffee makers, there are surprisingly few choices for plumbing coffee makers, which makes it harder to find the perfect combination of features. To ensure you find the one that meets your needs, consider whether it is for home or office, how many people will be using it, what style of coffee they prefer, and your budget for purchase, installation, and maintenance. But before all, you need to see if you wish for a plumbed coffee machine or maybe a plumbing kit.

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Fix The Problem Of No Water Line At

Coffee Makers With Water Line Hookup : Bunn Coffee Makers Water Line ...

If your coffee maker isnt getting any water, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. First, check to make sure that the water shut-off valve is turned on all the way. If it is, then the next thing to check is the water line itself. Make sure that there are no kinks or blockages in the line that could be preventing water from flowing through. If youre still having trouble, you may need to call a plumber to take a look at your coffee maker and see if there is anything else that could be causing the problem.

Setting a timer for your coffee machine will help you have a cup of coffee in the morning without having to mess around with it. Rachel Wharton sends you How to set the clock on cuisinart coffee maker

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K Filter Kit For Keurig By Purewater Filters

Compatible with: some Keurig models

Perhaps you already have a Keurig model thats similar to the K150P but is not plumbed? In that case, it makes more sense to grab yourself this plumbing kit rather than replace the whole thing.

Perfect for the newest Keurig Office Pro but compatible with its previous similar models too, the K Filter Kit is a real game-changer that makes for an easy installation.

It also includes some granular activated carbon, guaranteed to remove chlorine as well as unpleasant tastes and odors from your water.

Its polyphosphate scale inhibitor will also help prolong the life of your coffee maker .

Your water also needs to have minerals like calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate to extract the coffees flavour effectively. Too many of these minerals will create limescale in your machine. P. Golding, Perfect Daily Grind

Bottom line: Finally a way to turn some Keurig models into coffee makers with direct water line connection! Its just a shame that its only compatible with 4 machines.

Things Should Considered When Buying A Direct Water Line Coffee Maker:

  • Commercial coffee maker with water line can be pretty expensive so make sure that you get it from a reputed brand. We have created a list of best ones in later in this guide to help you.
  • Having a self-cleaning commercial coffee maker with water line can be very convenient
  • Make sure it has at least 10 cups of space in its water reservoir
  • Having auto on/off feature will help a lot
  • Make sure you perfectly understand how to connect it with the water line
  • Stainless steel body will keep it in perfect shape even after years of heavy use

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The Benefits Of Having A Hot Water Dispenser

This function comes as a real blessing.

Firstly, you donât have to keep two clunky appliances in your kitchen â a coffee maker and a hot water dispenser are packed into one perfectly streamlined package that makes for a far more convenient and energy-efficient solution.

Secondly, with hot water dispensers, preparing tea and hot chocolate happens instantly.

No more waiting and no more scorched leaves as the result of boiling water .

Most Likely The Water Line Tank Is Clogged

How to hook a water line to your Keurig Coffee Maker

If the water tank on your coffee maker is clogged, you may need to clean it out with a vinegar and water solution. Simply mix equal parts vinegar and water in a bowl and pour it into the water tank. Let the mixture sit for about an hour before running it through a cycle. If the clog persists, you may need to use a plunger to clear it.

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Best For Restaurant/cafe Use La Pavoni Bar

Brand: La Pavoni

Price & Reviews

This espresso machine by La Pavoni is without a doubt, the only espresso maker youll ever need for your business. Its a real investment so most people wont find it very affordable for home use. As with most coffee machines, you get what you pay for, so lets look into what you get for this pricy machine.

First up, it has programming that allows you to set 4 different brew sizes and it comes with a low-profile portafilter so you can brew straight into a 16-ounce mug. It also has continuous brew and instant stop buttons to give the barista more control. It also has pre-programmed settings for hot water dosing.

The 14-liter water reservoir is designed to brew 500-600 cups of coffee per day and plumbing this machine means this will keep itself topped up.

2 group heads and two steam wands allow continuous coffee brewing during those busy periods. Each group head has its own individual radiator hydraulic system which creates thermal stability so no burnt coffee after steaming milk.

The copper heating element transfers heat optimally, giving fast and efficient water heating. The front of this machine is designed to come away easily for repairs and the group heads are resistant to dripping.

It comes fully equipped with an installation kit and for making espresso, this is one of the best-plumbed coffee makers out there.

Inline Water Kit And Filter For Nespresso Machines

There are commercially available kits that let you add a water line to your Nespresso machine. The beauty of this kit is that it works with nearly all Nespresso machines.

The kit itself also has a built in filter so youre actually getting a 2 in one solution. The only disadvantage is that you potentially lose the ability to move your machine around.

If youre sticking around in your house or apartment for the foreseeable future and are not planning to move your coffee maker, you can permanently fix it in with this kit. Plus there are very detailed instructions and phone support.

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How Do You Hook Up A Water Line To A Coffee Maker

You can hook up a water line to your coffee maker using a plumb kit.

Any coffee maker can connect to the waterline. However, the model or type of machine determines the installation process. All you need is a good plumbing kit. It includes a water reservoir to hook your coffee maker directly with the waterline.

Most of the Keurig brewer is compatible with a direct plumb kit. Here is a simple step by step process that you can follow:

Note: Check if your brewer has a pre-installed plumber in it. If not, buy one from Amazon at an affordable price.

  • Unplug & drain your brewer
  • Remove the old water tank
  • Remove the base screws

Guide To Best Coffee Maker With Water Line: Top 6 Plumbed Machines

Best coffee maker with plumbed water line

What is one of the easiest ways to burn out a coffee pot?

Being late to realize the water level in the reservoir has gotten too low.

If you are busy in the mornings with kids, a job, or school runs, the last thing you want to add to your plate is a high-maintenance coffee pot. Those that have lived through this traumatizing experience, may rejoice to know that there are actually machines on the market that refill on their own!

A plumbed coffee pot is hooked up directly to a water line, and automatically fills your coffee pot when you press start. This gives you a clean-tasting cup of coffee and also frees you up from checking on the water level in your reservoir.

While we love the idea of a coffee maker with a water line that is wired in directly to a pot, you have to look a little harder to find these models on the market. We have done the searching for you and have ranked, reviewed, and critiqued 6 plumbed coffee pots to help make your final choice simpler.

In a hurry? Heres our overall impression: While the best coffee maker with water line for you will depend on price, ease of use, how many people you need to serve, and whether you want it for commercial use or home, we liked the Keurig K-3500 commercial coffee maker the most for its easy to use simple pod design, fast brewing, and simple direct line installation.If the price tag is on the high end, then the K-2500 would be our substitute.

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Bunn My Cafe Mco Best Single

Any office setting or cafe can benefit from the BUNN My Cafe MCO. This very impressive high-tech machine is designed to work with K cups and other compatible systems. It comes with a big price tag. But its also one of those machines where you can understand and appreciate its price.

In true Bunn fashion this machine delivers coffee at a pretty impressive speed. You work with a touchscreen interface to select the right brew settings. Theres room enough to hold 25 choicest K cups inside the machine, and it ejects the used pods automatically.

The brew size can range from 4 oz to 16 oz, with increments of 2 oz at each step. If you want to be particularly precise, changes to brew size can be made in increments of 0.25 oz. A flip tray is available to adjust to varying cup sizes. A separate hot water dispenser is available to cater to any specific requirements.

BUNN My Cafe MCO is USB-programmable to make changes in settings easier. The same method can be used to update firmware if/when necessary.


Keurig K2500 Single Serve Commercial Coffee Maker

Material: Polypropylene | Capacity : 12 Ounces |Human Interface Input: Touchscreen |

4.4 / 5 from 82 ratings

Price: $900.00

Are you looking for an exclusive coffee maker that provides excellent value for money? Do you want to know which product fits well for small families or even large no. of individuals? Without a doubt, integrate the Keurig K2500 coffee machine. In terms of performance, reliability, and appearance, it has all the extraordinary features any coffee adherent could imagine.


  • Comes with essential water line plumbing kit
  • Perfect for residential or commercial purposes
  • Lighter in weight and easy to transport
  • Made up of high-quality polypropylene


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Using A Coffee Maker With A Water Line: Pros And Cons

A coffee maker with a water line might not be everyones cup of tea.

At the same time, these machines can offer a lot of benefits.

So, lets look at the most common pros and cons of using a plumbed coffee maker. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether you really need one or not.


  • super convenient because you never have to fill the water reservoir
  • fresher flavor, as you dont use the stale water that has been sitting in the tank for quite some time. This makes plumbed machines a safer option as there can be germs spreading in the reservoir
  • ideal for large families of coffee lovers and frequent brewing
  • can be used for commercial purposes.


  • limited portability. A plumbed coffee machine has to be placed close to the water line in your house, so you might not be able to move it around or put your coffee maker in a convenient spot
  • the installation process may be tricky for inexperienced users. You may have to hire a professional, which means extra expenses
  • prone to leaks due to extra plumbing .

As you can see, there are some potential pitfalls. But if you plumb the coffee maker properly and take good care of it, the benefits will surely outweigh the potential drawbacks.

Most of coffee makers with a water line look rather bulky. And while some can be mounted into the wall, others require a lot of counter space. If you have a small kitchen, then a regular model with a water tank would work better for you.

How To Choose A Coffee Maker With Water Line

Direct water line for Keurig coffee makers

As we have seen, there are plumbed coffee makers for different types of needs. So, when you are deciding which machine is right for you, you may want to keep in mind the following:

  • How many people will usually be using the machine per day?

If you have several staff members in an office space, the Bunn Automatic Air Brewer will allow everyone to gather around the pot for a cup of coffee and then head back to their area for a productive workday. This can eliminate a coffee line and will be a simple way to get caffeinated.

If you want to serve guests in an office, a Keurig machine or Bunn capsule machine can make a hot cup of coffee for each individual as they come in throughout the day. This will save you from leaving a full pot to either become cold or burning on its hotplate. It can also save you the waste of throwing away coffee every few hours.

If you own a coffee shop or want to set up your own espresso station in your home, you may decide on La Pavoni Bar-Star or Nuova Simonelli Musica. These machines will bring you an excellent espresso and have double boilers to make a few shots simultaneously.

Looking for ways to keep your coffee hot? Check out our guide on Best Coffee Makers With a Thermal Carafe.

  • Do you feel comfortable enough to install the plumbing yourself, or will you want to hire an expert?
  • Are you looking for a machine for home use, a coffee shop, or an office?
  • Do you have mad barista skills or do you want a cup that you can make with a press of a button?

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Editors Choice: Brew Express Bec

Brew Express BEC110BS gets points for being a versatile plumbed coffee maker. Its priced just right to be relevant for home use but doesnt quite forget its high-volume origins.

This self-filling coffee maker could very well be your regular drip coffee machine. If your drip coffee machine was more convenient, smarter, and capable of brewing super fast.

How Much Coffee Do You Want To Brew

Before you fall in love with one of the coffee makers with direct water line connection or plumbing kits that weve included, figure out how much coffee you want to brew.

These machines are available as either automatic drippers or single-serve options:

  • Automatic drippers are better suited for larger households or offices where everyone usually drinks coffee at the same time, or if you like to have a full pot for yourself and savor it slowly
  • Single-serve coffee makers work best for single professionals, couples, or households and offices with different coffee preferences.

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Do Coffee Machines Need A Water Supply

Water supply is essential for the smooth running of the coffee machine. You cant make coffee without water.

The internal reservoir you have to fill manually can do the job. However, you can still use the direct plumb machine and hook them with your water line for more convenience.

On top of this, having a filtered water supply is more important. The filtered water supply makes the best-tasting coffee. You know how a kettle can get defected by limescale, similarly using unfiltered water, can do the same with your coffee machine.

Not providing enough water supply can cause damage to the machine and scale the grinding plates. A filtered water supply does not only reduce the need for regular maintenance but also saves your money.

Some Of My Favorite Drool

Best coffee maker with plumbed water line


The Best Built-In-Wall Coffee Makers and How They Work

If money is not an issue, Id gladly spend $3000 to get a built-in-wall coffee maker. Just imagining its stainless steel, shiny finish installed in my kitchen, I already feel excited to make coffee. Its like having a personal barista at home or installing a mini coffee shop right in your kitchen.

How does the built-in-wall coffee maker work?

The built-in-wall coffee maker has really cool features that will make any coffee lover drool.

Built-in coffee grinder

It has a built in grinder. You can control the type of coffee ground you like. Most built-in-wall coffee makers can yield espresso. Just push the appropriate button and it will grind the beans to your liking.

Single and multiple servings

Modern coffee makers like the built-in-wall type is very intuitive. It is designed to provide several options depending on your preference. You can set it to make a single cup of espresso, brewed coffee or long coffee.

If you prefer to make two cups, you can choose the two options icon, often indicated by two cups. This will allow the machine to make coffee good for two cups, dispensed at the same time. Just place two cups underneath the dispenser.

Some built-in-wall have options for multiple servings. It is often indicated by a coffee pot icon. It will ask you how many cups you need. Choose the number of cups and place a container to collect the coffee from the dispenser.

Drinks with milk

Personalizing your coffee

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