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What Is A Good Size For A Coffee Table

3 LEVELS of Coffee Tables -DIY to PRO Build

The size of your coffee table will depend on the size of your sofa and the space you are adding it to.

A living room coffee table is usually placed directly in front of a couch, so the size of the table will be relative to the seating. A general guideline is to select a coffee table that is about two-thirds the length of your couch. A coffee table that spans the entire sofa is probably too long, and one that’s less than half the length of the couch is probably too small.

The width of your living room table will depend on its placement. Think about what other furniture will potentially surround it and plan accordingly. Also keep in mind the flow of the room and where youd like to create walking paths. A coffee table that’s too wide might overwhelm the room.

The height of your coffee table should typically be about the same as your couch cushions or an inch or two lower.

Shop Coffee Table Sets At Jcpenney

At JCPenney, we try to make sure you have plenty of options to furnish your home. Thats why we have so many coffee table sets from your favorite brands like Presley, Signature Design by Ashley, and Peggy. Our coffee table sets are available in different décor styles, so you can find anything from modern to contemporary and nautical to cottage.

Table Shapes And Styles

Rectangular: A classic coffee table style, fit perfectly with larger sofas while rectangle end tables with storage provide space and nighttime accessibility.

Square: Square coffee tables are effortlessly stylish and are great complements to smaller sofas and sectionals.

Round: Modern in design, round tables with storage are a perfect fit for contemporary homes. and end tables are also a great solution for smaller living rooms, as they take up less space.

Oval: An alternative to round tables, oval tables tend to be longer and are a good fit for larger living rooms.

No matter what your furniture style is, you’ll find just the right accent table materials for your space.

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Types Of Decorative Tables

Coffee Tables: Low tables typically placed in front of the sofa, coffee tables are an easy place to set remotes, decorative , magazines and books, as well as an essential piece of furniture for your living room. Find in a full range of sizes and designs. Whether you have furniture from the , pieces, items from the , or from another top collection, consider its style and color when selecting complementary coffee tables.

Console Tables or Entryway Tables: Taller than coffee tables and with narrower tabletops, console tablessometimes called entryway tableslook stylish nestled against the wall with set atop. If you’re looking for an organic feel in the entryway, consider decorating your console table with or to house your faux botanicals or fresh florals. In addition to styling, entryway tables serve as functional surfaces behind a sofa or they create beautiful storage in your entryway.

End Tables: Smaller and with less surface area than coffee tables and console tables, end tables are usually used at the end of a bigger piece of furniture. For instance, a rectangle end table with storage near your bed is perfect for placing your favorite flowers in or nearby. Alternatively, if you want to maximize the space in your bedroom, think about including a small wood end table for extra storage or even as a secondary desk.

Coffee And Accent Table Sets : End & Side Tables

GTU Furntiure 3Pc Round Dark Brown Cocktail Living Room Coffee &  End ...

End and side tables might be just an addition to your main furniture but they are incredibly functional. Whether you want to keep your remote, snacks or a book, an end table is super handy. Keep it besides your recliner in your room or at the end sofa in the living room for easy reach and comfort. Target offers a wide range of end and side tables for you to choose from. If you are looking for a table then start with the height, make sure its slightly shorter than the sofa or a chair. Then there are different shapes – round, square and rectangular. Once you decide the shape and the height, you move to different styles and designs. A modern end table will have a minimal design with geometric shapes in neutral color tones. A rustic side table will have farmhouse charm with a distressed look and subdued design, adding a warm sense of comfort. Then there are mid-century modern tables with tapered legs & clean lines and classic end tables that give your decor a vintage vibe. You can either go for metal or wood tables with or without upholstery depending on the furniture and your home decor. They also come with different storage features. Browse our store and find your favorite side or end table and add to the aesthetics of your decor.

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Glass Wood And Metal Different Materials For Different Styles

Every material has its own characteristics and styles. For instance, a round glass living room table gives a modern and clean impression. A smaller wooden accent table can give your room a very traditional look, depending on which model you pick.

You can try to match your living room table with the rest of your furnishing. Or, you can choose a table that pops out with a bright color or exciting design. And after choosing an accent table you can personalize your space even more with a matching rug. Look through our large selection of rugs in different styles, sizes and shapes to find the perfect one for you and your room.

Coffee Tables: Now With Less Coffee

Despite the name, a coffee table is not just a low table where you keep a cup of joe. Pick a living room table with storage to stash odds and ends. Choose a simple coffee table that lets the rest of your décor shine. Go for a fancy coffee table that says youve got style, so you dont have to! My coffee tables add personality and functionality to the room.

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Should A Coffee Table Match End Tables

While many people choose to match their coffee table and end tables, there’s no rule that says you have to!

It’s perfectly acceptable to get a coffee table that complements your end tables and general theme of the room without it being an exact match. You can pair different shapes, colors, finishes or materials and still achieve a cohesive look for your room.

Selecting a coffee table thats different from your end tables lets you mix up your space, while matching all the tables in a room can simplify the decorating process. However, if you do like the look of matching living room tables, my coffee table sets make it easy to do so!

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    Other Occasional Tables We Offer

    Choose from a variety of table options. We have classic side and coffee table styles as well as more contemporary designs like . In addition to these, we also have mid-century modern coffee tables and end tables, rustic styles and more. We also offer nesting tables and other living room , which can be a great space-saving solution in smaller homes and apartments. Our accent tables are great for adding to any space that needs an extra surface. To create a beautiful entryway or for a surface behind a sofa, try our console tables. Whether you choose one table or mix and match a wood and glass coffee table set, you’ll create a beautiful space with our selection of occasional tables. Find the perfect accent table from our for your living room, bedroom or wherever you need to add an extra surface.

    How Tall Should A Coffee Table Be

    Knowing how tall a coffee table should be is important. As a rule of thumb, it should be no lower than 1-2 inches from the seat of your couch. Generally, the standard height for a coffee table is between 16-18 inches. Its the perfect match to a typical-sized living room sofa set. You can choose tables in 20-21 inches, if your sofa is higher.

    Other important factors are the shape and material. A round coffee table is ideal for a home with pets and kids. Metal coffee tables offer a sophisticated look, while wooden ones have a more vintage vibe. When selecting coffee table sets look for various functionalities it features. Maybe you need shelves or drawers below to hold books or you require a lift top coffee table so that the top can lift up and forward to create work surface. No matter what you need, find it all here at JCPenney!

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    How Far Should A Coffee Table Be From A Sofa

    The space between your coffee table and sofa comes down to allowing enough room to walk between the two pieces of furniture while also keeping the table close enough to still be useful. You dont want to be forced to crabwalk every time you go to the couch, and you dont want to completely get up from your comfy spot on the sofa just to grab the remote or your drink!

    Aim for about 14 to 20 inches of space between the coffee table and sofa. That should provide the room you need to keep your space functional.

    Stylish Updates Are Easy With Coffee Table Sets

    Round Rustic Metal Nesting Side End Tables, Modern Round Wooden Side ...

    Redecorating your living room is simple with a new coffee table set from Hayneedle. Changing your coffee and end table set can change the look of your room in an instant. Shop our cocktail table sets, occasional tables, and coffee table sets to find just the right pieces to update your living space.

    Did you know glass tables can make your room look larger? Add a glass coffee table set and see the difference it makes in your home. You can choose from a wide variety of three piece table sets with glass tops on wood or metal bases. With the transparency of glass, your new coffee table set will give your room a designer look guests will notice.

    Traditional wood coffee table sets are a popular choice with many families, and offer durability you will enjoy for years to come. Hayneedle has hundreds of coffee and end table sets to choose from, so you can select the wood finish and style to match your room. Try a set of tables with a modern design in a rich walnut finish or select a Mission style table set made from golden oak hardwoods.

    Choose a coffee table set with features to fit your needs. There are tables on casters, or with drawers or shelves. You can choose a lift-top table set or a set of storage trunks that double as tables. Nesting tables are another great choice for a living room table set that offers space-saving functionality. With Hayneedles huge selection, youll be able to reimagine your living room as a showplace featuring your new cocktail table set in no time.

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    What Can Go On A Coffee Table

    Since a coffee table is generally intended to add convenience and décor to your living space, what goes on it is really up to you.

    Feel free to place useful items like remotes, reading materials or coasters on your coffee table, as well as decorative items like vases, small sculptures and a trinket or two. If youre worried about items accumulating, choose a coffee table with storage or add a stylish tray, box or basket to your table for organization while still keeping items handy.

    One thing to probably avoid placing on your coffee table is any device that needs to be plugged incoffee tables are typically freestanding, and you dont want to trip on cords running from the center of the room to a wall outlet.

    Farmhouse Coffee Table And End Tables

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    Shopping For Coffee Tables & Cocktail Tables

    Coffee drinker or not, our selection of coffee tables & coffee table sets will serve you well! Find the perfect addition to your living room set with our wide range of discount coffee tables and cocktail tables available at Weekends Only.

    A unique coffee table can be a conversation starter. Catch eyes and compliments with one of our adjustable coffee tables that will add organization to your living room layout. Our silver coffee tables and modern glass coffee tables will stun friends and visitors with a shimmering surface.

    If you love the farmhouse look, a rustic wooden coffee table will add an inviting charm to your sitting area. Or, if contemporary décor is more up your alley, a grey coffee table will set the tone.

    Working with a smaller living room? We have lots of small coffee tables & coffee table sets to choose from to save space and accommodate your living room furniture layout. Love the natural look? Check out our selection of marble top coffee tables or stone top coffee tables.

    We select the best quality furniture for you, and sell it to you at discount furniture prices, with steals on deals up to 50% off. By opening only on the weekends, we can offer you this high-quality furniture at low prices that compete with furniture outlet stores and the best furniture sales.

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    Living Room Tables End Tables


    Elevate your style with the most remarkable living room tables from The RoomPlace. While living room end tables are typically seen as functional, yours can be both functional and fabulous if you choose from our spectacular selection.

    Whether you call them end tables, occasional tables, cocktail or console tables, theyre all right here in our living room table collection. There are even a few that can be combined to create a variety of coffee and end table sets. Our tables are widely known for their structure, versatility and creative design. Theyre also available in many shapes and sizes, perfect for use beside the sofa, behind the couch, against the wall or anywhere else you need a bit of high-style interest and storage space.

    The table design and size cover every style and personality. Choose contemporary tables to enhance your homes modern vibe. Opt for rustic to add a cozy, homey touch. Dont forget the transitional tables that combines traditional and modern styles. Or the glam end tables that need no explanation. A single look at these uniquely eye-catching pieces says it all.

    Material Options

    Furniture Style

    Special Features

    Why shop at The RoomPlace?

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    Find Your Perfect Coffee Table At Home Furniture Plus Bedding Serving East Texas And Louisiana

    If yourliving room is missing a finishing touch, adding a new coffee table and end tables is a great way to add structure and definition without crowding the room with extra seating. The geometric shapes and high-quality finishes of new tables can help to add visual interest to your space, balancing the soft textiles of your couches and rugs. With added tablespace, you can host more people or allow our family to settle in and get comfortable without worrying about where you’ll put snacks, drinks, and personal items.

    The abundance of table space makes it easy to have a crowd over for a big event or a simple weeknight gathering. When you aren’t entertaining, these tables make a perfect place to have a family game night or set down a bowl full of popcorn for everyone to dig into as you watch a movie.

    Coffee And End Tables

    • Made of pine veneers, pine wood and engineered wood
    • Weathered gray finish

    or$32/mo w/ 12 mos special financingBased on retail price of $379.99

  • Made of pine veneers, pine wood and engineered wood
  • Weathered gray finish
  • Made of engineered wood and decorative laminate
  • Tempered glass top
  • Made of engineered wood and decorative laminate
  • Chrome-tone metal frame
  • Faux travertine marble top and shelf
  • Assembly required
  • Made of reclaimed solid pine wood
  • Light gray wash finish
  • Planked and butcher block wood effect
  • Metal bracket accents
  • Plated iron frame in goldtone finish
  • Clear tempered glass tabletop
  • Bottom shelf with mirrored glass top
  • Assembly required
  • Plated iron frame in goldtone finish
  • Clear tempered glass tabletop and center shelf
  • Bottom shelf with mirrored glass top
  • Assembly required
  • Coffee table made of veneers, wood and engineered wood
  • Rich black finish with show-through effect
  • Lower shelf provides essential display and storage space
  • Made of veneers, wood and engineered wood
  • Saw cut planking
  • or$53/mo w/ 12 mos special financingBased on retail price of $629.99

    • Delivers to any room in your house
    • Assembly and setup included
    • Removal of all packaging material
    • We do all the work… you enjoy your new items

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    Coffee And End Table Sets


    • View all Living Room Furniture…
    • Made with engineered wood and decorative laminate
    • Tops with replicated dark charcoal gray wood grain finish
    • Tubular metal base with black powder coated finish
    • Assembly required

    or$29/mo w/ 12 mos special financingBased on retail price of $340.00

  • Includes 1 coffee table and 2 end tables
  • Made of wood, engineered wood and veneers
  • Vintage white finish
  • or$30/mo w/ 12 mos special financingBased on retail price of $349.99

  • Includes oval cocktail table and 2 round end tables
  • Made of elm veneers and engineered wood
  • Textural grayish brown finish
  • Bridge truss base with thin-line aesthetic
  • Estimated Assembly Time: 45 Minutes
  • Includes 1 coffee table and 2 end tables
  • Made of clear tempered glass with polished edge and metal
  • Hexagonal shape with X brace design
  • Metal in chrome-tone finish
  • Includes coffee table and 2 end tables
  • Made of decorative laminate over engineered wood and metal
  • Tops and shelves with a replicated vintage barn wood effect
  • Black metal base with rivet head accents and powder coated finish
  • Convenient lower shelf for additional storage and display space
  • or$29/mo w/ 12 mos special financingBased on retail price of $339.99

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