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How Long Are Chocolate Covered Strawberries Good For

Flower and chocolate covered strawberry heart box| DIY| Super simple step by step

Chocolate covered strawberries are best enjoyed on the day of delivery, but can last up to 3 days without refrigeration. Since they taste better when served at room temperature, try to find a cool place in the kitchen where they can be stored. If your local climate is too hot for this, line a plastic container with paper towels, top with chocolate covered strawberries, and then refrigerate. The paper towels will absorb the moisture and keep the strawberries from getting too mushy. You can serve the strawberries slightly chilled, or for maximum flavor let them sit out for 30 minutes until they reach room temperature. Freezing chocolate covered strawberries is another option to keep these snackable treats at the ready for up to three months. Layer an airtight container with parchment or wax paper, place the strawberries inside in a single layer, and seal for up to 12 weeks.

Where Do I Buy The Best Chocolate Strawberries For Delivery

We can’t help but suggest Proflowers. With our signature selection of irresistible chocolate covered berries and pretzels, along with gorgeous love flowers to pair them with, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, our top-tier delivery logistics ensure that the strawberries arrive fresh, on time, and bursting with flavor.

Proflowers chocolate covered strawberries come in a variety of colors and flavors, so there’s sure to be something for everyone in our catalog! Choose from:

  • Belgian milk chocolate covered strawberries

  • Strawberries coated in rich dark chocolate

  • Holiday-themed strawberries in festive colors

  • Congrats! strawberries for a celebration

No matter the recipient or occasion, a chocolate strawberries delivery makes a memorable and delectable gift.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries & Champagne Gifts

Commemorate every special occasion in your life with chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne from Hazelton’s. Indulge in our collection of fresh strawberries dipped in luscious dark, white or milk chocolate and enamour your senses. With a wide selection of champagnes and sparkling wines flanked by delicious chocolate dipped strawberries to choose from, there’s no excuse for you to show up with a boring gift to your next soiree.

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Flowers & Chocolate Covered Strawberries

When it comes to surprising your loved one, weâve got the perfect pairing: flowers and strawberries. Choose from a truly original selection filled with a mix of beautiful blooms. Or pick a bouquet of her favorite blooms, likeâ¯roses,â¯tulips,â¯liliesâ¯orâ¯daisies. And because every gift should come with a little decadence, our chocolate-dipped strawberries are the sweetest addition to any occasion. We offer convenient online ordering for both flowers and strawberries so that you can send your sentiments from across the miles quickly and easily. And we take great care to make sure your gift is carefully arranged and packages so that it arrives fresh to her door, ready to make her day delightful.

Proflowers Delivers Flowers And Strawberry Gifts Nationwide

Heart Flower Box

Now you can send our best flower bouquets with mouthwatering hand-dipped strawberries. Whomever you send one of these incredible creations to will be in for a treat they will not soon forget. Send one of these duos as an anniversary gift or valentine gift for an extra romantic touch to the day. Or send flowers and strawberries berries to a chocolate connoisseur for their birthday. Whatever the occasion, pairing flowers and strawberries make gift-giving occasions even more special, not to mention tasty. Although you are only paying for one gift, you are really sending multiple gifts in one. Your recipient will receive a meaningful card message written by you, flowers, a vase, gourmet dipped strawberries and an attractive gift box in which the berries arrive. And this beautiful, delicious pairing starts at the cheap gift price of under $60. Save time and money with this duo online.

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Order Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Send chocolate covered strawberries as the ultimate treat for almost any occasion. Use 1800Flowers to send the very best chocolate strawberry varieties, along with same day flowers, to everyone on your list. Birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, and all occasions in between are a little bit sweeter when your special someone can enjoy a box of chocolate covered strawberry delights or even more chocolate covered strawberry delivery options from our sister brand, Shariâs Berries!

What Are The Best Flowers To Send With Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Thinking about a flowers and chocolate covered strawberries delivery but unsure about which blooms to include? Roses are the perfect flowers to accompany a chocolate covered strawberry delivery. Roses and chocolate are a timeless pair, and a romantic and thoughtful way to show that special someone you’re thinking about them. However, these tasty morsels don’t have to only be a romantic gesture! You could send a thoughtful delivery to someone you care about by pairing with almost any flower we offer!

  • Pair the strawberries with sunflowers for a gorgeous and delicious summertime treat

  • Choose your favorite daisies for a playful and whimsical flower delivery

  • Send along some colorful tulips to celebrate the joys of springtime

  • Double down and pair with chocolate dipped pretzel gifts for a non-stop chocolate treat!

  • Whatever flower you choose to pair your chocolate strawberries with, they’re sure to please.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 202: The Best Gifts To Buy For Loved Onesyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Ideas include flower delivery, chocolatecoveredstrawberries, candy, jewelry, fragrances and more. Plus, some last-minute gifts just in case you’re a bit of a procrastinator. Many of us may spend Valentine’s Day at home as we continue to follow COVID-19 …

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Thinking Of You Flowers & Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Life moves so fast these days that sometimes you want to show the people that you care about them that youre thinking of them you want them to pause and realize how special they are to you. With the beautiful rose and Alstroemeria lily bouquet and delicious chocolate covered strawberries in this thinking of you gift set, there is no question how you feel. Add a customized card and your loved one will be incredibly moved by your thoughtful gesture.

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Flowers & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Flowers & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries For Your Spouse: Your spouse is one of the most important people in your life. By your side at all times, making the bad times good and the good times great. Show them how much you love them with Flowers & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for your spouse.

Flowers & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries For Relatives: Families are special and certain family members just seem to bring the whole group together. Celebrate what a special family you have with our collection of Flowers & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

Flowers & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries For Coworkers: Work can be long, stressful and tiring, but a good coworker can make all the difference day-to-day. Let them know theyre the best part about work with Flowers & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for coworkers.

Flowers & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries For Friends: Your friends always have your back and push you forward. A good friend is hard to come by, so be a good friend and gift our Flowers & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for friends to the person thats always been a good friend to you.

On What Occasion Would You Give Chocolate Covered Strawberries As A Gift

Valentines Day: This is a common gift at Valentines Day, and can express a number of things. It could mean how much a person loves or admires you, two great reasons to give someone chocolate covered strawberries! Or it could be an indicator that the person giving them really likes you and wants to know if you like them too.

Mothers Day: A lovely gesture for mothers, just like it is on Valentines Day. This is a great way to express how much you appreciate everything she has done.

Birthdays: Again, this could be a sign of romance and love too. It could also be a great birthday present for anyone who loves chocolate!

Anniversaries: A romantic gesture to say Im thinking of you and our relationship, or a massive thank you for everything we share together.

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Our Chocolate Dipped Strawberries & Fruits

Packed with fresh juiciness, and dipped in gourmet dark, white or milk chocolate and topped with a variety of delicious toppings, Hazelton’s selection of Chocolate Dipped Strawberries offers the best selection of premium chocolate dipped fruit in Canada. These sweet treats are sure to make any one who receives it swoon with joy due to its juicy freshness and lusciousness. By choosing Hazelton’s, youve selected the most extraordinary chocolate-covered fruit or chocolate-covered strawberries.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries & Fruit Gift Baskets

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Make every celebration in your life a memorable one with chocolate dipped strawberries and fruit gift baskets from Hazelton’s. Indulge in our collection of fresh strawberries, apples, bananas, pears and more dipped in luscious dark, white or milk chocolate. With a wide selection of gourmet treats and spirits coupled with exotic chocolate dipped strawberries and fruit to choose from, your gift is sure to be the talk of the evening no matter what the occasion.

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bouquet

Chocolate-covered strawberries are such an iconic display of love or, at least, that someone has a crush on you! After all, strawberries and chocolate are two of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in the world! So, when you have strawberries to hand, AND chocolate, why wait until Valentines Day to show that special person you love them? Even better, why not make it more romantic and create a chocolate-covered strawberry bouquet?

Ive put together this guide to show you how to make a DIY chocolate-covered strawberry bouquet with flowers to give to your beau, or to make together. Or, you can just keep all those chocolate-covered strawberries for yourself I know I would!

  • Flowers And Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Surprise your loved ones with same-day flowers and chocolate gifts! Send last-minute flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries with same-day shipping to make them smile. Fresh beautiful blooms paired with ripe juicy strawberries, there has never been a more perfect pair. Shop from romantic roses, elegant lilies, stunning tulips, and more!

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    Stunning Flower And Chocolate Covered Strawberries Gifts

    You can choose from a variety of flower and chocolate covered strawberry gift boxes so that your loved one gets the perfect gift, no matter the occasion. Your gift will make an impact, whether its for a celebration, such as an anniversary or holiday, or to mark a hard day, such as a funeral. Thanks to our fresh flowers and fruit, your loved one will get the very best.

    Chocolate Covered Strawberries Delivery

    DIY Chocolate covered Strawberries & Flower Box| Mothers Day gift Idea 2021| Step by Tutorial

    With different chocolate flavors such as strawberries dipped in chocolate mint, you can send a gift that shows how well you know them. Not sure which type of chocolate to choose? Some berry varieties are also dipped in more than one chocolate to give you the best of both worlds! Whether they love milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate, 1800Flowers has a selection of chocolate berries in all types of chocolate!

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    How To Choose The Best Flowers And Strawberry Gifts

    Well leave this question up to you, because you know the recipient best! When choosing the perfect flowers and strawberry gifts for your loved one, its important to consider personal preferencefor both flowers and fruit! Whichever gifts you choose, you can be sure that theyll be the highest quality on the market. Proflowers has delicious, beautifully dipped treats for you and your loved ones to enjoy any day of the year. Searching for a phenomenal present that shows your lady just how much you care? Get roses delivered just in time for Valentines Day. Our 12 Red Roses with 12 Fancy Strawberries is a sweet, romantic gift shell talk about for weeks to come. Is she a cheesecake fanatic? Our Deluxe Hugs and Kisses Bouquet paired with Valentines Day Cheesecake bites is the salty-sweet treat shes been craving. Our selection of flowers and berries has something for everyoneso make your gifting decision simple when you order with Proflowers.

    Well Wishes Bouquet Gift Set

    While we all wish that we could be there to hug our loved ones as they go through difficult times, sometimes a flower bouquet and chocolate covered strawberry gift box is just as effective in showing them how much we care. Combining stunningly beautiful and refreshing white and green flowers with delicious chocolate covered strawberries, this well-wishes bouquet gift set is just what the doctor ordered.

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    How Can I Send Chocolate Covered Strawberries To Someones Home

    Once youve made the chocolate covered strawberries following this recipe, you can send them to a friend or loved ones home by packaging them in a box and sending them through the post. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Collect your chocolate covered strawberries from the jar/glass where they have been setting and transfer to a plate.

    2. Place some bubble wrap at the bottom of the cardboard box you are going to send them in.

    3. Arrange your chocolate covered strawberries in the box so they are standing upright, and add a final layer on top if you have room!

    4. Seal up the box and address it. Its best to go to a post office rather than a mailbox as this will ensure that it is kept safe until collected. Label it THIS WAY UP and FRAGILE.

    5. Mail the box to your loved one!

    Can You Send Chocolate Covered Strawberries In The Mail

    Pin by Mercedes Gonzales on Fresas/chocolate

    You sure can! With Proflowers, sending a gourmet food delivery like chocolate covered strawberries is simple. Just follow these easy steps:

    • Pick the tastiest looking batch on the page

    • Be sure you enter your email to save on your first order!

    • Select the date of delivery and the address

    • Choose your shipping options

    • Send your delicious chocolate covered strawberries

    And don’t worry – Proflowers is passionate about freshness, so when you send chocolate covered strawberries, or any type of food gift baskets in the mail, they arrive ready to be eaten.

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    Flowers With Chocolate Delivered

    Everyone loves receiving a special surprise on their birthday. What better way to deliver happy birthday wishes than with an arrangement of fragrant flowers and chocolate covered strawberries delivered to their door. Who says you need a reason to treat someone you love with a delicious and thoughtful gift? Make their day extra sweet with flowers and chocolate strawberries. Or send get well wishes to a friend or neighbor with get well package.

    New Baby Celebration Bouquet Gift Set

    Welcoming a new baby is joyous and exciting but is also a momentous occasion and a huge period of change in anyones life. Show new parents that you are thinking of them by sending this new baby celebration bouquet gift set. Made from different month-to-month flowers, the flower bouquet will stand out chocolate covered strawberries will provide snacks when they are too tired to cook. You can even choose blue chocolate or pink chocolate to customize your gift.

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    Free Delivery Across Canada For Orders Over $100 Cad

    Your Chocolate Dipped Strawberries will be delivered by experienced delivery service providers at no extra charge, locally and across Canada.* To qualify for free delivery, a minimum purchase of $100 CAD is required per delivery location. Get same-day delivery on your chocolate dipped strawberry gifts when you order them before 11 AM on that day.* For more information on our same-day delivery services, visit our Delivery Information page to ensure your chocolate dipped strawberry gifts get to you ASAP.

    Happy Anniversary Bouquet Gift Set

    ‘Mini’ Strawberry Bouquets

    With white and green flowers, this stunning happy anniversary bouquet will evoke your loved ones memories of their wedding day. Whether youre celebrating your own anniversary or marking someone elses, this anniversary gift set will make its mark. Paired with a chocolate covered strawberries gift box, this will be an anniversary gift that is never forgotten.

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    Thank You Flower Bouquet & Chocolate Gift Set

    Dont hold back from thanking a friend or loved one for being there for you. Whether they showed support during a difficult time or helped you make special memories, this beautiful thank you bouquet and chocolate covered strawberries gift set will show just how much you appreciate them. The stunning, colorful flowers symbolize friendship and thanks add a customized card to really show how thankful you are for their friendship.

    Condolences Bouquet Gift Set

    Sometimes, life can be difficult. Show your loved ones that you are there for them with the condolence bouquet gift set. This green and white soothing bouquet, made of a variety of beautiful, hand-picked flowers, will evoke calm, loving support. Combined with delicious chocolate covered strawberries, your loved ones will know that you care and only want the best for them.

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    Deluxe Birthday Flowers Bouquet Gift Set

    Sometimes, birthday celebrations deserve something even more special and stunning. The deluxe birthday flower bouquet gift set will be a true celebration spectacle for a loved ones birthday. The gift set provides fresh-picked, dramatic blend roses and Alstroemeria lilies, as well as confetti-coated chocolate covered strawberries. What an amazing gift for an amazing person!

    Classic Happy Birthday Flower Bouquet Gift Set

    Chocolate, flowers and champagne in a box #strawberry #gift #box #ideas ...

    Everyone wants to be celebrated and acknowledged on their birthday. Celebrate their day with a classic happy birthday bouquet, made up of stunning roses and Alstroemerias. These colorful flowers symbolize love and friendship, which is perfect for a birthday celebration. Furthermore, pair these with chocolate covered strawberries and your loved one will have a delicious treat to celebrate their big day.

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