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The BEST hot chocolate bomb molds!

Chocolate bombs are small chocolate spheres that you place in a mug of hot milk. When the milk is poured over the bomb, the chocolate sphere explodes and melts, turning into a delicious cup of hot chocolate. You can make the chocolate shell with different chocolates or even colors and add unique fillings to the inside of the bombs. Chocolate bombs are a fun way to make hot chocolate and are a great way to show your friends and family how much you love them.

My Famous Hot Chocolate Bomb Ornaments $1870

Look, we know youre tired, had it up to here with the scissors, and need to come up with a thoughtful gift that only requires a few clicks. If youre scouring this list looking for the most luxurious chocolate bomb to gift a loved one, then look no further than LadyPinkBakes customizable chocolate treats.

Do Hot Chocolate Bombs Expire

Hot chocolate bombs are delicious treats that are perfect for winter.They are made by combining chocolate and a sweetener, such as honey or syrup, and then shaping them into small balls. They can be stored in the fridge for a few days, but are best eaten within two months.

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Does Trader Joes Sell Hot Chocolate Bombs

trader joes just released a new hot cocoa bomb that looks exactly like a holiday ornament. the bomb is made up of milk chocolate and whipped cream, and is topped with a chocolate bow.when you pull the bow, youre able to reveal a mini chocolate Christmas present. the bomb is available for purchase at trader joes stores nationwide for $2.99.

How To Make A Mug Of Hot Chocolate With Bombalicious Hot Chocolate Bomb 160633
  • Choose your favorite mug and ensure its big enough to allow your chocolate treat to last even longer!
  • Drop one hot chocolate bomb into the mug.
  • Pour 6 oz. of hot milk over the bomb. Choose whichever milk youd like. Tip: for a creamier, silkier taste, Isabellas favorite is whole milk!
  • tir the milk well with a spoon to dissolve the bomb.
  • Boom! Youre now ready to enjoy your Bombalicious heavenly hot chocolate drink!
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    How To Make Variations Of Hot Chocolate Bombs

    Ready to get even more creative with your hot chocolate bombs? Here are some fun little variations you can play with.

    • Add extracts. Add a few drops of your favorite extract to the chocolate before you melt it for an extra boost of flavor.
    • Make a caramel center. Add your favorite caramel to the center for a dulce de leche-inspired variation.
    • Color white chocolate. Color melted white chocolate with a few drops of food coloring.
    • Sprinkle with mints. Crush up candy canes or peppermints, and sprinkle them on top and inside your bombs for a surprising minty burst.

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    Sur La Table Hot Chocolate Bombs

    • Manufacturer: Sur La Table
    • Ingredients: Semisweet Chocolate, White Chocolate Cocoa Mix Marshmallows Luster Dust (Potassium-aluminum silicate and titanium dioxide
    • Allergen statement: Contains dairy and traces of gluten. Produced in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, gluten and soy
    • Made in the USA

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    Where To Buy Hot Cocoa Bombs

    Have you heard of cocoa bombs? Basically they are a hollow chocolate ball filled with marshmallows and hot cocoa mix . The treat turns any mug of hot milk into a steaming mug of hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows, in a matter of seconds.

    Let us know if there are any additional we should add to our list. These are a hot commodity!

    Krenares Custom Desserts: Custom desserts with organic ingredients with pickup in downtown Middleton.

    Oregon Frozen Yogurt: Located in Oregon,WI they offer 18 flavors of frozen yogurts, custards, gelatos, Italian ices, and sorbets AND Cocoa Bombs! Email

    Cupcake Lady: 608-395-9374

    The Chocolate Caper: Located in Oregon, WI they specialize in Swiss praline and truffles, caramels, turtles & a variety of innovative and traditional sweet treats.

    If the above options are sold out or unable to fulfill your order weve heard you can also find them at Costco or Target. But we encourage you to support local first if you are able!

    Or if you want to try your hand at making them yourself here is a how-to!

    Jolly Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

    Hot chocolate bombs in demand

    For those who plan on keeping their hot chocolate bombs for themselves , QVC is also selling a six-pack of Jolly Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs that includes two milk chocolate bombs with festive Christmas sprinkles, two dark chocolate bombs with crushed peppermint, and two milk chocolate bombs with white drizzle and gingerbread sprinkles. These guys ship on November 7.

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    Can Hot Chocolate Help You Sleep

    Hot chocolate may help you fall asleep, especially if you associate the drink with bedtime. The warm milk in the hot chocolate is associated with relaxing you to sleep, but the effects are likely more psychological than physical. Hot chocolate is also high in sugar, which is not the healthiest option before bed!

  • Hot chocolate may help you fall asleep.

  • The warm milk in hot chocolate is associated with relaxing you to sleep.

  • However, the effects of hot chocolate are likely more psychological than physical.

  • Hot chocolate is also high in sugar, which is not the healthiest option before bed.

  • So, if you are looking for a drink to help you fall asleep, hot chocolate may be a good option. However, make sure you enjoy it sparingly before bedtime to avoid having a sugar high.

  • Are Hot Chocolate Bombs Better With Water Or Milk

    Some people prefer to add milk to their hot chocolate bombs to make them richer and more decadent. Adding milk will often result in a more enjoyable cup of cocoa. On the other hand, using water may be less decadent but it may not provide the flavor that you are looking for. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which option works best for you.

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    How To Make Diy Aluminum Foil Molds For Hot Cocoa Bombs

    Craving a hot chocolate bomb after a fun day out in the snow, but you don’t have a silicone mold? Try using this ingenious foil method.

    1. Create a sturdy piece of foil. Take a piece of foil and fold it in half and then in half again to create a sturdy piece.

    2. Wrap the foil around a small ball. Gently form the foil around a tennis ball, ping pong ball, plastic Christmas ball ornament, or any ball thats no bigger than 2 1/2 inches. .

    3. Trim the foil mold. Remove the foil from the ball and delicately cut the excess foil at its equator, creating a smooth, even edge. Now you have a foil mold that can exactly like its silicone and acrylic buddies.

    4. Make more foil molds. Make an even amount of foil molds and you are all set to apply the melted chocolate just as you would the silicone mold method.

    A Silicone Sphere Mold

    Hot Cocoa Bombs HCB

    Relatively inexpensive, these molds are easily found on online or at a bakery supply store, and produce a nice result. Ive found that silicone molds are easier to use than acrylic molds, which you might see a professional use with tempered chocolate for the shiniest result. But silicone molds are more foolproof for the home baker youll find the chocolate releases much easier. Don’t want to buy one? Read on to find out how you can make HCB with items you already have.

    Youll use this to brush the melted chocolate into your spheres and also for decorating.

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    Bring The Magic To Your Mug

    If youre craving a steaming, fireside mug of cocoa, Targets hot chocolate drink bombs deliver. Theyve got not one, not two but three amazing hot chocolate bombs this season. The lineup includes a classic milk chocolate sphere full of hot cocoa mix and marshmallows, that melts down to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate, an adorably festive milk chocolate starno marshmallows here, unfortunately and a dapper snowman made of white chocolate and caramel, perfect for those who prefer different flavors in their cup. Warm up some milk, drop one of these guys in and enjoy your perfect cup of hot cocoa. Theyre the ideal stocking stuffer for the chocolate lovers in your life.

    While Wondershop had the milk chocolate spheres last year, the star and the snowman are a new addition to the lineup. As they say, the more the merrier!

    Need more chocolate in your life? Target is also selling a hot cocoa bomb Advent calendar.

    Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Bomb Set Of 12 $3588

    Transport yourself out of a hectic family holiday party and right in the middle of a Belgian Christmas market with this Frankford Salted Caramel Bomb. The candies are made from Belgium chocolate, sugar, and cocoa butter and come individually wrapped. Theyre ideal stocking stuffers as long as the stockings arent hung over an active fireplace.

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    Chocolate Works Hot Chocolate Bomb

    For those jonesing to hand out hot cocoa bombs as gifts this year, QVC is selling a 12-pack of individually wrapped Chocolate Works Hot Chocolate Bombs for $64.99. These bombs are made with a Belgian milk chocolate shell which melts to reveal a rich hot chocolate powder mix with mini marshmallows. These bombs ship out on December 5.

    Dunkin Hot Chocolate Bombs Returning In Two Flavors This Holiday Season Going On Sale At Select Locations

    Hot Chocolate Bombs are the bomb

    Dunkin’ hot chocolate bombs

    Dunkin and Philadelphia-based Frankford Candy are teaming up this winter to bring two of Dunkins most popular hot chocolate flavors to stores.

    The new Dunkin Hot Chocolate Bomb and the Dunkin Mint Hot Chocolate Bomb will be released later in November and will be available for a limited time at select retailers and online.

    The Dunkin Hot Chocolate Bomb includes a Belgian milk chocolate exterior, while the Dunkin Mint Hot Chocolate Bomb has a mint-flavored Belgian milk chocolate exterior. Both have mini marshmallows inside.

    Placing the bomb in a mug with six ounces of hot milk and the treat will transform into a rich, creamy holiday treat.

    Hot chocolate has always been a top drink to cozy up with and enjoy on a cold day, Molly Jacobson, director of business development at Frankford Candy said in a press release. Because Dunkin is a favorite daily destination for hot and cold beverages of all types, including hot chocolates, were excited to work with Dunkin to give fans a new and surprising way to experience their favorite Dunkin hot chocolates and transport them into the holiday spirit at home.

    Both the bombs are available in 1.6 ounce individual sizes at a suggested retail price of $3.99 at Big Lots, H-E-B, Ross Dress For Less, and Christmas Tree Shops and That! They will also be for sale online at and

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    Holiday Belgian Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

    Oops, your browser does not support playback for this video.

    • Introducing the newest addition to our Holiday collection! These are sure to melt your heart and warm your tummy. 4 Belgian chocolate cocoa bombs with holiday themed designs including a reindeer, penguin, snowflake and holiday drizzle. Each cocoa bomb has a thick outer shell of Belgian chocolate and filled with hot cocoa powder, mini marshmallows & chocolate shavings.Simply place cocoa bombs into a large mug and add your own hot milk, to make the perfect hot cocoa treat this winter.Each bomb measures 2″ x 2″ x 1.5″Crafted by artisans in a small batch kitchen, no two will looks exactly the same.Disclaimer: This item can ship max 2-days. To optimize freshness, we recommend shipping 1-day when sending to warmer climates.Due to our dough mixing process, all of our products may have come in contact with nut oils.

      Rest assured, all of our baked goods arrive safely packaged in a protective film, which is sealed and secured from contaminants.

    • Cocoa bombs should be stored at room temp. We do not recommend refrigerating or freezing these items. They are best enjoyed within 30 days of receipt.

    What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item

    As Seen on TikTok

    Fall in love with BomBombs, the brand that started the hot chocolate bomb craze. Featured on E!, Parade, USA Today, BuzzFeed, and more, BomBombs brings a video-worthy, TikTok trending experience that puts a whole new spin on a classic favorite.

    For the Chocolate Lover

    BomBombs come in a variety of fun flavors and quantities, so thereâs always a set for any occasion. Indulge in milk chocolate, fudge brownie, salted caramel, white chocolate and more – because there’s no better way to elevate your mood than with a delicious mug of hot cocoa.

    Fun Surprises Inside

    Discover BomBombs Love, for a special marshmallow surprise awaits! As pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate, sit back and watch your chocolate sphere melt into a creamy cup of gourmet cocoa with a fun marshmallow reveal that float right to the top!

    BomBombsâ color-changing hot cocoa bombs turn an average cup into creamy pink-colored magic.

    Perfect Holiday Gift

    Whether youâre coming in from the cold or looking for something sweet, BomBombs are an excellent treat for you or someone you love. Ideal for gifting or stocking your pantry shelves, this is how hot chocolate was meant to be served.

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    What Size Mold Is Best For Hot Chocolate Bombs

    Hot chocolate bombs are a delicious treat that can be made with just a few ingredients. The best silicone molds for hot chocolate bombs should be no more than 3 in diameter thats the size of the average mug. . The best size is about 2.25 wide, in our opinion.

    To make a hot chocolate bomb, you will need:

    1 cup of hot chocolate

    1 cup of confectioners sugar

    1/2 cup of cocoa powder

    1 tsp. of vanilla extract

    To make the hot chocolate bomb mixture, you will need:

  • In a large bowl, combine the hot chocolate, confectioners sugar, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract.

  • Spoon the mixture into the silicone mold.

  • Freeze for at least 2 hours, or until solid.

  • Welcome To The Original Tiktok Famous Cocoa Bombs

    NEW Frankfords Hot Chocolate Bombs 2 PK of Hot Cocoa Belgian Chocolate ...

    Cocoa Bombs were created as a fun alternative to ordinary and BORING hot chocolate powder mixes. Since the beginning, our products have been made with the premium quality chocolate as well as other high quality ingredients for a smooth taste, and explosive experience you won’t forget!Don’t forget to join our newsletter and stay updated through our official TikTok, , and !

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    Love Belgian Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

    Oops, your browser does not support playback for this video.

    • Sure to melt hearts and warm tummies! Four unique cocoa bombs feature thick outer shells of Belgian chocolate filled with cocoa powder, mini marshmallows, and chocolateshavings. Simply place one in a large mug, add hot milk and enjoy this fun and delicious hot cocoa treat. Each bomb measures 2″ x 2″ X 1.5″ and is individually hand-crafted in a small batch kitchen. This gift can ship in 1-2 days. When shipping to warmer climates we advise shipping 1-day for optimal freshness.Due to our dough mixing process, all of our products may have come in contact with nut oils.

      Rest assured, all of our baked goods arrive safely packaged in a protective film, which is sealed and secured from contaminants.

    • Cocoa bombs should be stored at room temp. We do not recommend refrigerating or freezing these items. They are best enjoyed within 30 days of receipt.

    Wondershops Hot Chocolate Bomb Diy Kit $999

    Baking together is a holiday traditionbut mostly a holiday disaster. With the Targets Make Your Own Hot Drink Bomb Kit, you too can cover the kitchen in chocolate. The kit even includes white icing so you can give your sweet treat its own unique style. Soon, everyone will forget about the Powdered Sugar Explosion of 2007!

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    Get Yours Before Theyre Gone

    Christmas is quickly approaching, so you can bet Targets hot chocolate bombs will be bought up ahead of Santas visit. You can find them in the candy section at Target right now. If youre not too keen on heading in-store, you can also have them delivered to your door via the Target site. Snag yours for just $3.99, and dont miss out on the best thing since, well, Christmas!

    If you want to go back to the classic cuppa, grab this hot cocoa kit from Target too.

    What Can I Use For Mold In A Hot Chocolate Bomb

    Hot Chocolate Bomb Tutorial!
    • Melt chocolate in a double boiler or slowly in the microwave at 50% power.

    -Make bombs thick enough that they wont easily collapse.

    -Use a silicone mold for easy removal.

    -Melt chocolate in a double boiler or slowly in the microwave at 50% power.

    -Make bombs thick enough that they wont easily collapse.

    -Use a silicone mold for easy removal.

    -Use a small spoon to fill the mold with melted chocolate.

    -Place the mold on a flat surface and wait for the chocolate to set.

    -Remove the chocolate bomb from the mold by gently pushing down on the top.

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    Where Can You Buy Hot Chocolate Bombs

    Isabellas gourmet Bombalicious bombs can easily and quickly be ordered right from her online store . Ordering from her online store guarantees artisan chocolate creations that come straight from Isabellas dedicated team, and each creation comes with a European taste and classic chocolate charm you wont find when buying from mainstream stores like Amazon, Walmart, Costco or elsewhere. Imagine buying all the BEST hot chocolate bombs you could need and want right here and now!

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