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In order to make cinnamon coffee, start with whichever technique you normally use and simply add cinnamon to the coffee grinds before brewing. Thats all there is to it. For many brewing processes, there isnt anything further that has to be done after the initial brewing process. French press, pour-over with paper filter, automated drip, and Aeropress are all capable of producing excellent coffee when cinnamon is added. Using a permanent, fine metal filter to create cinnamon coffee is the one technique we do not suggest for making cinnamon coffee.

If you compare it to even the finest ground coffee, ground cinnamon is exceedingly fine, and it can get trapped in permanent filters quite quickly.

If you dont mind the cinnamon overtones in your next several batches of coffee, then it could be alright but, if you want to completely clean it, you might have a difficult time with a fine metal pour-over cone, which is quite thin.

A nice question with an easy answer: we attempted to make cinnamon coffee by just adding cinnamon to the cup, but the flavor was WAY too strong for our tastes. The only thing we could taste was cinnamon, and it was a really unpleasant experience. we could only taste cinnamon

Cozy Cinnamon Coffee Recipe

Cinnamon is a quintessential cold-weather spice, and the fragrance of it transports us back to stormy days spent by the fireplace, anticipating the arrival of whatever delectable pie or cookies was about to be retrieved from the oven at the time. Although coffee and cinnamon may not seem to go together at first glance, cappuccinos and lattes are frequently served with a touch of cinnamon dusted on top of the frothy beverage. Adding cinnamon to your normal cup of coffee is a simple and effective method to spice up your morning cup of joe.

Whatever technique you choose to make coffee or tea, you may easily incorporate cinnamon into it without changing anything else.

Lets get started right away!

Cinnamon Protects Against High Blood Sugar

In place of sugar, cinnamon is a healthy alternative for those who want a sweet flavor in their coffee. According to a University of Georgia research study, the spice not only helps you avoid the calories and harmful effects of sugar, but it also benefits your entire body by slowing blood sugar spikes after eating, improving the bodys insulin effectiveness, and preventing and soothing inflammation in tissues and joints.

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What Are The Cons Of Drinking Coffee With Cinnamon

Whole30® Cinnamon Coffee Recipe

The major con is that you are going to have a stronger cinnamon taste in your coffee. This will be more pronounced if you brew your coffee with full-strength cinnamon that has already been ground into powder form.

You can offset this by using less powder or putting the powder in the filter before adding the water. This way, you wont have as much of an issue with an unusual taste in your cup of joe!

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So Can You Dissolve Cinnamon In Coffee

You cannot dissolve cinnamon in coffee, since it is an insoluble fiber and will not melt. But you can steep the cinnamon with the coffee grounds, and still obtain the cinnamon flavor, without the slimy sludge.

Do not add ground cinnamon to any brewing method that uses pressure and gravity, like espresso or drip filter or Moka pots. You can instead add a whole stick of cinnamon to your already brewed coffee to add flavor.

But let’s see how you can still add some cinnamon to your coffee, seeing as we can’t really dissolve the spice.

Ways To Add Cinnamon To Coffee

Because cinnamon is made from finely crushed tree bark, the fibers in the spice have a tough time dissolving entirely in liquid. This can easily result in a sludgy mess that doesnt mix well with your coffee if done incorrectly. Despite the fact that you may do a few things to assist it blend in as much as possible, there is still a potential that some cinnamon will clump up or float to the surface. Nonetheless, here are only a few techniques for you to employ in order to incorporate it into your next cup of coffee.

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Gets Your Brain Working

Its safe to say that most of us have experienced working on something that needed to be submitted as soon as possible. It can be a school project or work that needed to be done quickly which is why we pull out all-nighters.

We all know that working overnight means your biological clock will take over, and you will get sleepy. Which is why we often drink Coffee to keep our brain working. The caffeine within the Coffee can keep you awake for a while, however with the lack of rest, your brain wont be working as well as you expect it to be.

Sprinkling some Cinnamon on your Coffee can help your brain work. Researchers from Wheeling Jesuit University found out that your processing capabilities increase by smelling Cinnamon. Consuming it will help you even more.

Not only does it boost the function of your brain, but it also enables you to focus more. So, next time youre planning to work overnight, try to add some Cinnamon on your Coffee.

Cinnamon Improves The Taste Of Coffee

Iced Cinnamon Coffee Recipe

Cinnamon is a really unique spice in that it goes well with both sweet and savory foods. It has a really unique, earthy, and sweet-ish flavor that complements nearly all kinds of flavors. Adding cinnamon will help add a zing to your coffee, and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon will actually help improve the taste of stale coffee grounds.

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How Much Cinnamon Should You Use

Image courtesy of Unsplash There is plenty, but not too much of it. Were joking, of course, but in the end, it all comes down to personal preference. It took some trial and error until we arrived at the ratio of 1 teaspoon freshly ground cinnamon to every 10 tablespoons freshly ground coffee. You are allowed to modify this to suit your own preferences nothing is written in stone. If youve never brewed cinnamon coffee before, this recipe is a fantastic place to begin your exploration.

What Are Some Ways To Use Cinnamon In Coffee

1 tsp of cinnamon powder can be added to a cup of coffee or cocoa powder.

You should mix this with your other ingredients prior to adding water or milk so that you do not end up with a super thick cup of coffee.

If you are just looking for something that has a little more flavor, then you can add a few drops of black pepper oil into your coffee to give it a smoky-sweet taste according to your taste!

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Using The Whole Cinnamon Stick

Once your coffee is made, all you have to do is to place a cinnamon stick in your coffee and let it sit there while you enjoy your morning coffee.

With time, you will get more cinnamon in your coffee. If you find the flavor to be heavy, then you can some milk or whipped cream so that it balances the pungency of cinnamon.

What Kind Of Coffee Should You Use

Easy Vanilla Cinnamon Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee)

Unsplash is the source of this image. A sufficient amount without being excessive. Even though were joking, it really comes down to personal preference. Our final decision was to use 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon for every 10 tablespoons of ground coffee, after much trial and error! This isnt fixed in stone, so feel free to tweak it to suit your preferences. For those of you who have never brewed cinnamon coffee before, this is a great place to start.

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Cinnamon In Coffee: A Flavorful Creative Concoction

Wed want you to know that if you visit and decide to purchase a product, we may receive a small compensation. Do you want to take your regular cup of coffee to the next level? Please dont add any more creamer! Make it a little more interesting! Cinnamon is a widely used spice in a variety of applications, but it is sometimes disregarded as a coffee compliment. That being said, it is a delectably tasty and nutritious addition to your next cup of coffee that you should experiment with.

How Do You Dissolve Cinnamon In Coffee

To dissolve powdered cinnamon in your coffee, you can try dissolving it separately using a small amount of warm water or honey. Once it is completely dissolved, you can add it to your coffee. If you use any flavored syrups like vanilla to dissolve your cinnamon powder, you will add some excellent flavor to your coffee.

The above method works well if you are talking about black coffee. But if youre going to add milk to the mix, then it would be smart to add powdered cinnamon to the milk when youre frothing or steaming it.

This will bring out the flavor well and once its ready, you can add that cinnamon-induced milk to your coffee for the best taste.

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Cinnamon Can Soothe Cold Symptoms

Warm beverages are an excellent method to relieve a sore throat, and the addition of cinnamon further improves their pain-relieving properties. According to Everyday Roots, consuming cinnamon in a warm beverage like as coffee helps to expand and cleanse the sinuses while also decreasing mucus production, which are two of the most irritating symptoms of the common cold.

Furthermore, being able to include these characteristics into your daily cup of coffee sounds like a win-win scenario. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Why Add Cinnamon To Your Coffee

EASY Cinnamon Coffee Cake! AMAZING Low Carb Cake

There are several reasons to use this spice in your brew the following are just a few examples:

  • A hint of sweetness: Because cinnamon has a naturally sweet flavor, adding it into your brew will soften your coffee without the need for additional sweeteners such as honey, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. As a result, it is an excellent complement for those who are managing their sugar intake. Clearing your sinuses: If you have a cold or are suffering from the effects of allergies, putting cinnamon in your coffee will aid to serve as a decongestant and help to relieve congestion. It will calm your throat while the cinnamon helps to loosen up that clogged up sensation in your throat. Perfect
  • An increase in energy: Coffee provides a boost in and of itself, but because cinnamon aids in the digestion of sugar , you will reap the advantages of your cup of joe for a longer time period. Reduces appetite: Cinnamon provides a satisfying sweet taste while also suppressing hunger. Because it makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time, its a terrific advice for individuals wanting to lose weight or just want to lengthen the time between snacking. Its a good source of nutrition: Not only that, but cinnamon is also a fantastic source of minerals and antioxidants. Fiber, calcium, manganese, iron, and Vitamin K may all be found in the delicious bark, as can manganese and iron.

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A Few Ways To Add Cinnamon To Coffee:

If you replace the cream and /or sugar with a teaspoon of cinnamon in coffee to save 70+ calories per cup and add a potential metabolism boost. So here a just few ideas:

  • Before you brew your coffee, fill your filter or portafilter about 1/2 way, add cinnamon to taste, then add the rest of the coffee and brew away. For example, Ive done this with a French press by throwing in half a stick of ground cinnamon in with the coffee and its comes out great!
  • I am sure you have seen this many times, but with your next Latte, Cappuccino or even a Macchiato sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the milk
  • You can put several cinnamon sticks in with your whole bean coffee container or bag to give your future cups of coffee the faintest hint of cinnamon flavor.
  • When you make your Americano or Long Black you can just add the cinnamon before or after pouring in the coffee.

How Cinnamon Is Harvested

Today, just as was done for thousands of years, farmers first remove the outer bark off the trees, then shave off the delicious inner bark. This is the first step in Cinnamons trip to our shelves and your kitchen.

The bark is dried over the course of about a week, during which time it curls into the familiar shape of cinnamon sticks. Take a look at this video if you want a better idea of the harvest process.

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It Offers A Ton Of Antioxidants

Youve undoubtedly come across the word antioxidants a number of times because it has been making its way around health circles and the internet for the better part of the last decade or so. When it comes to your health, these compounds are small miracle workers, and cinnamon coffee is a rich source of them! Image courtesy of boaphotostudio and Pixabay Antioxidants from our food, according to this article released by the Mayo Clinic, assist to rid our bodies of free radicals, which are tiny chemicals that have been related to a variety of health concerns including cell damage, arthritis, and even cancer.

Coffee itself includes a significant amount of beneficial antioxidants, but according to this research report from Penn State, cinnamon contains an even greater concentration of antioxidants than coffee and can provide significant health advantages when consumed with coffee.

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The Top 14 Reasons To Add Cinnamon To Coffee

Cinnamon Mocha Coffee Recipe
  • Enhances the taste of coffee Ok this obvious
  • Increase in Antioxidants Ounce for Ounce, Cinnamon has more antioxidants than most other well known antioxidant foods
  • Diabetics Helps to regulate blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Good For Your Teeth Did you ever notice that a lot o f toothpastes have a cinnamon taste? The reason for that is because it removes harmful bacteria and stops tooth decay
  • Keeps You From Being Hungry It does this by targeting a brain chemical involved with glucose and cholesterol.
  • Boosts Your Immune System It can calm your stomach and boost your immunity.
  • Its Full of Vitamins & Nutrients A great source of fiber, calcium, manganese, iron and Vitamin K
  • Helps You Focus The scent of Cinnamon oil gives a strong jolt to brain power and therefore increases focus.
  • Its Anti Microbial A recent study indicated that cinnamon oil got rid of a number of common infections
  • Helps Relieves Congestion The scent can soothe the membranes lining your sinuses and also can remove mucus.
  • Helps with Weight loss It has been shown to lessen a few of the harmful effects of eating high-fat foods as it helps to prevent fat storage
  • Helpful with Inflammatory Conditions Early studies have shown that it could reduce inflammation and the conditions associated with it.
  • Promotes Blood Circulation Since it is known as a warming spice it can increase ones blood flow.
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    Cinnamon Puts Your Brain To Work

    Coffees caffeine content may be responsible for getting your brain up and running in the morning, but adding cinnamon to your mug can increase your brains cognitive processing, stimulate brain activity in general, and help you manage your visual and motor reactions. Researchers at Wheeling Jesuit University discovered that simply smelling cinnamon can aid to increase your processing abilitiesand that consuming the spice can be much more effective. When the research participants consumed cinnamon, they were better able to finish tasks and had higher overall attentiveness.

    Spice Up Your Lifethe Takeaway

    One study found just half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day can significantly reduce blood sugar levels, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Cinnamon improves glucose and lipids of people with type 2 diabetes. Khan A, Safdar M, Ali Khan MM. Diabetes care, 2004, Jul. 26:0149-5992. But for those who dont have to worry so seriously about insulin levels, cinnamon has also been shown to have many other benefits:

    Want another reason to sprinkle some cinnamon in coffee? That other coffee sweetenersugarhas been linked to weight gain, diabetes, and may even be toxic. Sugar-sweetened beverages, weight gain, and incidence of type 2 diabetes in young and middle-aged women. Schulze MB, Manson JE, Ludwig DS. JAMA, 2004, Aug. 292:1538-3598. Just another reason for cinnamon and coffee to band together!

    Still, there are some reasons to be wary. Many of the studies on the subject were conducted on mice, not humans, so its unclear how well their benefits carry over. And while it might be nice to try something new in that morning cup of coffee, a teaspoon of cinnamon doesnt exactly taste the same as cream and sugar. Some may like it more, and others less, but this Greatist taste-tester and coffee-lover actually enjoyed mixing it up a bit. With no sugar and a pinch of spice, my cup of coffee was still everything nice.

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