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Hot Cocoa Mix, No Sugar Added, Milk Chocolate Flavor

Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix makes a warm, delightful hot cocoa drink that will bring you comfort and everyday warmth without added sugar . The milk chocolate flavored no sugar added hot cocoa drink mix powder easily transforms into a rich and creamy hot cocoa that delivers on the timeless flavor your family has always known and loved. This Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix is packaged in portioned individual envelopes, making it easy to give everybody the perfect mug of delicious hot cocoa. You won’t miss your old hot chocolate. This gluten free hot cocoa powder is made with real nonfat milk to give you that comforting, rich and creamy taste you expect from Swiss Miss. It’s made with no added sugar for a delicious treat and contains no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. Preparing a mug of this milk chocolate drink is easy. Empty the chocolatey cocoa mix into a mug, add 8 ounces of hot water and stir. Enjoy a mug on chilly winter mornings, snow days or as a sweet evening treat. You can use this cocoa mix in different ways. Try making a tasty iced cocoa drink to cool you down, or incorporate the hot cocoa mix into your recipes for brownies, cookies, cakes and more. Whatever youâre warming up to, know that Swiss Miss will give you everything you need in the palm of your hands.

Nutrition Facts

Servings Per Container : 8

Contains: Contains: milk.

Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Cocoa 055 Oz 24/box

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  • Hot cocoa mix in milk chocolate flavor with calcium
  • 0.55 oz. cocoa mix per packet

I Wrapped It In Some Newspaper With Intentions Of Giving Them To Niki

No wonder it was sickly sweet- It had sucralose in it! Im not one to often use it in any of my recipes and as such, could really taste it. Not only that, but it was relatively creamy too, and all I added was water. The addition of non-fat milk powder andother stuff made sense.

I was game to recreate this, but with the least amount of ingredients, and ones which were easy enough to have on hand! The biggest issue I had was whether or not to include a milk powder or alternative. I tried a coconut based milk powder and it really didnt work as part of a mix . What did work was powdered creamer and powdered whole milk, but this leaves my vegan/dairy free friends unable to make it.

To rectify this dilemma, I simply made a sugar free hot chocolate/hot cocoa mix, with the option to add the milk/creamer powder , BUT instead of adding hot water, you add a warmed milk of choice to it!

Now? Nobody misses out!

For those who enjoy a dark, rich chocolate taste, Id recommend using a combination of dark cocoa powder and good quality dutch processed cocoa powder. If you are after a simple cocoa taste, stick to just a good quality cocoa powder. Because of the ingredients used, this healthy homemade sugar free hot cocoa mix is completely paleo, vegan, gluten free, grain free, dairy free and low calorie!

Just saying.

Make this healthy Sugar Free Homemade Hot Chocolate Cocoa Mix using three ingredients and make something to feel good about.

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Why Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Mix

Stop wasting your money on the store-bought stuff, my friends. Your own homemade version is infinitely better! And you can adjust it and customize it to your tastes. The sugar-free hot chocolate mix you see in most grocery stores is full of junk, so dont even go there. Its often sweetened with aspertame or sucralose, and has fillers like cornstarch to make it thicker. The keto hot chocolate mixes you see on Amazon and the like are better options, but they often miss the mark in flavor. Many of them are unpalatably sweet or just have an odd taste. And they can have some suspect ingredients and fillers too. The very popular Lakanto brand contains brown rice, of all things!Homemade keto hot chocolate mix is not only easy, but allows you to control for the ingredients, the sweetness level, and the nutrition. I will never purchase a pre-made mix again.

How To Make Keto Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mix

Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix

So simple and easy! Here are my best tips for getting it right:

  • Use your preferred sweetener: The best part about this recipe is that you can use what you like! Just use something that will dissolve easily when mixed with a hot liquid. I use powdered Swerve but allulose and BochaSweet both work well.
  • Adjust the sweetener to taste: We all have different tolerance for sweetness and we experience keto sweeteners very differently. If you arent sure how sweet you want it, use less and add more if necessary, after you try it out in a hot chocolate drink.
  • Combine in a food processor: Using a food processor helps combine the ingredients really well, and it breaks the chocolate into tiny pieces that dissolve more easily. And yes, you can add the liquid vanilla extract right in there too. The food processor method distributes the vanilla throughout the mix.
  • Stir into hot milk: Use 2 to 3 tablespoons of mix per 10 to 12 ounces of hot liquid. My favourite way to make keto hot chocolate is with 8 to 10 ounces of unsweetened hemp milk and about 2 tablespoons of heavy cream.
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    Substitutions For Dry Milk Powder

    Using the dry milk powder is perfect for making pre-made mix to save for later. It is shelf stable and you never have to worry about keeping fresh milk on-hand. It also is super creamy!

    Instead of 2 tablespoons of nonfat dry milk powder with 1 cup of water, you could use:

    • 1 cup of nonfat milk
    • ½ cup of nonfat milk + ½ cup water
    • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
    • 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

    To reduce the sugar and carbs from milk, you can use unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk instead of dairy milk .

    To make a more indulgent hot cocoa, you could use whole milk or add a splash of heavy cream.

    The lowest calorie option is just using plain water, but I think you really need at least a little bit of milk to make it creamy and delicious.

    Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mix

    This easy sugar free hot chocolate mix makes ultra rich, decadent keto hot chocolate. It takes five basic ingredients and about 2 minutes of your time to make. And check out all the delicious flavor variations!

    I cant tell you how much money Ive wasted on keto-friendly or sugar free hot chocolate mix. I keep hoping they will be as delicious as my own homemade keto hot chocolate.But they never are. Theyre either far too sweet, or not sweet enough, or they have unnecessary additives and ingredients. And they are usually ridiculously expensive too. Im over it. From here on in, I am sticking with my homemade keto hot chocolate mix. Its easy, its delicious, and I can make it exactly the way I want it! It also makes a great gift for keto friends and family.

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    How To Make It Keto

    To make this recipe lower in carbs and more keto-friendly, substitute the dry milk powder and water for unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk, or any other low-carb milk. While this recipe is no sugar added, any type of dairy milk does have a few grams of sugar and carbs per serving. You can use water only instead of milk or use a low-carb milk to further reduce the carbs and sugar.

    Healthy Homemade Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mix

    Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Flavor Reduced Calorie Hot Cocoa Mix Review 2022

    This healthy homemade sugar free hot chocolate cocoa mix is made using just three ingredients and no dairy! Easy, low calorie, low carb, and the perfect holiday gift, its naturally gluten free, keto, vegan, paleo, dairy free and sugar free!

    Last week we had a protein-packed hot chocolate mix.

    This week? We skip the protein part , and give it a sugar free AND a 3 ingredient makeover!

    Ive never been a fan of those instant hot cocoa or hot chocolate mixes. The ones I had tried were all just add water kind, which perplexed me. Whenever I added cocoa powder and sugar to hot water, it looked like mud soup. The instant packets of hot chocolate, however, looked pretty much like a typical hot cocoaminus the deliciousness factor.

    A reader recently asked me to recreate their favorite hot cocoa mix. Id heard of the brand before, and have tried a couple of their indulgent flavors before . The diet one, however, was new to me. I purchased a box and gave it the official taste test- It was an easy just add water, mix and enjoy.

    Im not going to lie- It was pretty creamy, it mixed well and had a good chocolate flavor. However, it was INSANELY sweet and left with a weird taste in my mouth. I finished it all, before checking out what the actual ingredients were.

    Im not one to waste food, but the remaining 7 packages were left untouched.

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    Few Things Are More Comforting Than A Piping Hot Beverage On A Brisk Day With Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Chocolate Mix You Can Bring Your Patrons That Warmth And Satisfaction Any Time

    Made with the utmost care, Swiss Miss products are created from only the best ingredients, blending the freshness of locally farmed milk and the decadence of premium imported cocoa. Packed with a rich chocolate flavor and smooth, frothy texture, your guests won’t believe that this tasty treat is only 60 calories per serving! This powdered hot chocolate mix is ideal for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere at your cafe or restaurant. The convenient packets are also great for use in offices, waiting rooms, or as a hotel room amenity.

    “A great no sugar added hot chocolate mix that tastes great. A great option for your café for those who are diabetic or watching their sugar intake.”

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