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Godiva Chocolate Closing Stores

Mars and Hershey may be two of the most well-known chocolate brands in the United States, but when it comes to chocolate lovers looking for something a little more refined, there’s really only one name Godiva. The Belgium chocolate company has been the king of luxury chocolate for over 90 years and operates some 800 stores in 105 countries.

While Godiva certainly makes candy bars, and even sells its chocolate in chain drug stores like Walgreens, the real star of this candy company are its pralines or truffles or bonbons, if you prefer. The story of Godiva is one that started in a family kitchen in Brussels, but over time grew to become a worldwide chocolate empire that is still finding new culinary territories to explore today. From its iconic gold box and naked lady logo to its chocolate-making process and ingredient controversies, here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the sweet world of Godiva chocolate.

Is Godiva Chocolate Healthy

On the positive side, Godiva Dark Chocolate has 43% less sugar, 178% more dietary fiber, 100% less cholesterol, 100% less sodium, 9% more protein and 79% more iron than the average chocolate bar Unfortunately, it also has 40% more total fat, 55% more saturated fat and 100% less calcium than the average chocolate bar.

Is Godiva Chocolate Made In The Usa

The answer is yes. In Pennsylvania, USA, Godiva Chocolatier has a chocolate manufacturing facility. Godiva supplies its chocolate in the following country and Canada from this factory.

In 1966, Godiva first came to the USA to sell its products, and its chocolate was a hit in this countrys market. At that time, Godiva chocolate was only found in supermarkets and shopping malls.

Finally, due to its popularity in the American market, Godiva opened its first shop in New York in 1972. At that time, Campbell Soup Company was its parent company.

As its demand increased, the company had to establish a manufacturing facility in Reading, Pennsylvania. This factory is currently working to fulfill the consumers demands of Western countries.

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The Legend Of Lady Godiva

When Lady Godiva, wife of Lord Leofric, protested against the taxation of his subjects a deal was struck: Lady Godiva would ride through the streets of Coventry, “clad in naught but her long tresses”, and if the population remained in shuttered building, their tax burden would be lifted. The following morning she made her famous ride, the citizens graciously stayed inside and Leofric kept his word and reduced the taxes. Lady Godiva won the hearts of many and her legend has continued to deepen throughout the centuries. Nowhere is her passion, purity, sensuality, style and boldness more symbolised than in a tantalising box of Godiva chocolates which in turn are sure to win the hearts of all those who taste them.

Where Is Godiva Chocolate Manufactured In 202:

GODIVA Small Milk Chocolate Assortment (9111)

Yildiz Holding and MBK Partners manufacture Godiva chocolate in Brussels, Belgium, to supply the chocolate internationally. However, the chocolate company has a production facility in Reading, Pennsylvania, for North American countries. The facility in Pennsylvania produces the same amount of Godiva chocolate as the Belgian plant.

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Godiva Class Action Says Belgium Chocolates Are Made In Pennsylvania

A class action lawsuit alleges that Godiva chocolates are falsely advertised as Belguim chocolate products when they are actually made in Reading, Pennsylvania.

On Godiva packaging, store fronts, display stands, and advertising, Belgium 1926 is reportedly displayed prominently.

The Godiva class action lawsuit states that these representations induce consumers into believing that Godiva chocolates are made in Belgium and shipped to the U.S.

According to the Godiva class action lawsuit, Godiva takes advantage of the reputation of Belgian chocolates in order to promote their products and make them seem like they are of the highest quality.

Godiva reportedly started using their Belgium 1926 tagline in 2009 as part of a multimillion dollar marketing campaign allegedly aiming to reinforce the idea that Godiva chocolates are made in Belgium.

Godiva intentionally plays on the false impression that the Godiva Chocolates are made in Belgium and then imported to the United States, in order to enhance the image of Godiva Chocolates as luxury chocolates. It does this because Belgian chocolates are widely known to be among the highest quality in the world, the Godiva chocolates class action lawsuit claims.

The difference between American and Belgian chocolates may seem insignificant, but the Godiva class action argues that the devil is in the details.

Chocolates made in America reportedly use different butters, creams, and alcohol, resulting in a distinctly different taste.

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Not All The Chocolate Is Made In Belgium

Godiva may have started in Belgium, but that doesn’t mean every piece of chocolate sold by the company is made in Brussels. In fact, there’s a good chance that if you’re eating a piece of Godiva that was purchased in the United States, it was likely made right here in the USA. Godiva was bought by Campbell’s Soup Co. though they no longer own it in the 1960s and a Godiva plant in Reading, Pennsylvania has been pumping out the chocolates ever since.

This American-made Godiva hasn’t always been easy to swallow with some chocolate consumers, though. In 2019, Steve Hesse and Adam Buxbaum filed a lawsuit against Godiva, arguing that the brand misrepresented the product because “Belgium 1926” on the wrapper falsely implied that it was made in Belgium. Naturally, Godiva disputed the lawsuit’s claims and the $5 million in damages Buxbaum and Hesse wanted. The case was eventually dismissed and Godiva clarified any confusion by releasing a statement that explained the “Belgium 1926” logo is a way of “paying homage to the time and place where our story first began.” Duh.

Not Surprisingly Valentine’s Day Is Very Busy For Them

Godiva plans to close all chocolate stores in the U.S.

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest sales days in the chocolate business, and Godiva moves some serious chocolate every February 14. It’s been reported that 53 percent of women expect some sort of Valentine’s Day offering from their partner, and chocolate has long been a go-to gift on the holiday.

Godiva’s Northwest regional manager, Dawn Oller, told the New York Daily News that on February 13 and 14 employees typically start prepping the brand’s chocolate-covered strawberries as early as “2 or 3 in the morning” to keep up with demand. “Each of our stores dips thousands of strawberries just for those two days,” Oller said. “During our busiest time on Valentine’s Day, our stores across the country are selling and dipping 16,000 strawberries an hour.” It’s not just customers’ significant others that Godiva caters to on Valentine’s Day either. Oller estimates that 30 to 50 percent of people also buy a treat for themselves. After all, who among us can resist chocolate, right?

As for those shoppers waiting until the last minute to buy chocolate? 85 percent of the people buying Godiva on February 14 are men. Way to go, dudes.

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Godiva’s Head Chocolatier Chef Started As A Chemist

Becoming the head honcho of a worldwide chocolate brand is one of those dream jobs that brings with it a certain amount of mystery. After all, how exactly does one get the job of Godiva’s head chocolatier chef? As you might have guessed, there’s more to it than just a background in eating a lot of bonbons.

Executive chef chocolatier Thierry Muret actually started out in chemistry before moving into the world of chocolate, and it’s that background that has helped make him a master in the field. The chef studied molecular-level crystal formation at the University of Belgium and only took an apprenticeship in the early 1980s with a chocolate chef to help out his sister who had aspirations of starting her own chocolate company. Once Muret realized that there was a heavy dose of science involved in the tempering process, there was no looking back.

As for creating Godiva’s flavors, Muret told Vice that the chemistry comes into play when he finding a way to connect flavors that work well together. “It’s really two stages: Find the harmony of flavors, and when that’s established and we’ve found something that’s pleasing, then we start to look into the science and say, ‘This is the target of how we are going to make this.'”

Is Godiva Chocolate Made In Usa

“Rather, all of the Godiva Chocolates are made in Reading, Pennsylvania.” Ultimately, that case was dismissed. At the time, a spokesperson for Godiva told the Reading Eagle, “Godiva was founded by the entrepreneurial Draps family in 1926 as a small praline-making business run out of their home in Brussels, Belgium.

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Removing Alcohol From The Recipe Caused Some Controversy

Make no mistake about it, people take their chocolate very seriously and when a company as world-renowned as Godiva makes a major change, it causes a bit of a stir. In 2007, Godiva was sold to Turkish company Yildiz, and in 2017, Yildiz changed how Godiva’s European chocolates were made by removing alcohol from the recipe. Uh oh.

Because Yildiz is based in a country where the majority of the population is Muslim, the company felt pressure to remove alcohol from Godiva’s chocolates because consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the Islam religion.

European chocolates such as Toblerone and Cadbury had faced backlash for altering their recipes to be more appealing to Muslim customers, and Godiva faced similar criticism. The Jerusalem Post reported that some on social media accused the chocolate company of breaking tradition and “bowing down to Islamic law.”

It’s actually pretty common for companies to alter their products to appeal to a wider customer base. Coke, for example, became Kosher in the 1920s after lobbying from the Jewish community and more fast food companies these days are expanding into vegan options.

Godiva Chocolatier Company History Timeline

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In 1926, Pierre Draps Sr. began making pralines in his confectionery workshop in Brussels.

Having acknowledged this centuries old culture as his fundamental philosophy, Joseph Draps introduced his Godiva chocolate to the people of Belgium in 1926.

In 1926, Pierre Draps Senior handcrafted praline chocolates, or pralines, in the workshop of his Brussels home and the smooth, creamy Godiva praline chocolate was born.

One of the best known of all chocolate companies is the Belgian firm Godiva, which opened in 1926.

In 1946, Pierre Draps Jr. perfected his Truffe Originale master piece, an intense dark chocolate mousse in fine dark chocolate, rolled in pure cocoa powder.

The first Godiva boutique outside Belgium was opened in the ”Rue St Honoré” street in Paris in 1958.

The first shop to be opened outside Belgium was in Paris in 1958.

The Godiva brand then turned to North America and, in 1966, it opened its first store in the North America in Wanamaker, Philadelphia, which was one of the most elegant malls of the country.

Then, in 1966, the companys products reached the United States, where they were only sold at shopping centers.

In 1968, Godiva was appointed an official chocolatier to the Royal Court of Belgium.

Then the first Godiva boutique in the North America was opened in the Fifth Avenue, the classiest street of New York, in 1972.

Godivas founder Pierre Draps created delicious chocolates until his very last days in 2012.

World Chocolate Day 2020

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Some Flavors Are Trickier Than Others To Get Right

Bonbons and other finely-crafted Belgium chocolates like the ones made by Godiva are made to be enjoyed in a single bite so that a person fully gets a “cocktail of all the tastes together.” Crafting that perfect cocktail of flavors into one single piece of chocolate isn’t always an easy task. It’s certainly not one that’s perfected in a day, and designing a new collection of Godiva chocolates often takes about 18 months.

Muret and other Godiva chocolatier chefs might work on developing up to 30 new flavors in a year, and some flavors are naturally more difficult than others to get just right. The chef told Vice that Godiva’s Midnight Swirl chocolate was particularly tricky to pin down because of the bitterness in the 85 percent chocolate ganache. “Bitterness in nature is something humans do not like it’s associated with poisoning so we’re wired not to like it,” Muret explained. He had to reexamine the makeup of the ganache and said, in the end, the “composition was very mathematical” because it required the right balance of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and chocolate liqueur to tame the bitter aspect.

Where Does Godiva Source Its Chocolate

Godiva is a massive chocolate company. Its chocolate has a vast demand worldwide. Children to adults, domestics to restaurants, everywhere uses its chocolate. So, it needs many cocoa beans to manufacture such an immense amount of chocolate.

Around 70 percent of Godivas total raw cocoa beans come from African countries, including Ghana and Cote dIvoire. The company acquires fresh cocoa beans at a low price from these countries.

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What Is The Difference Between Belgian And Swiss Chocolate

The Swiss chocolate has usually a smoother texture and would rather avoid using artificial emulsifiers Swiss tend to produce milk chocolate, and in general they contain more sugar and less cocoa than Belgian chocolates, which are often dark. Belgian chocolatiers have a competitive advantage when it comes to pralines.

Is Godiva Chocolate Made In China

Godiva Chocolixir

As of 2022, Godiva Chocolatier supplies its chocolate in 80 countries worldwide, including China. However, the company does not have any chocolate manufacturing facility in China.

To supply Godiva chocolate in European and Asian countries, the company produces its delicious chocolates in Brussels, Belgium. Godiva Chocolatier has only two factories globally from where it manufactures chocolate for consumers worldwide.

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Who Manufactures Godiva Chocolate

In 2022, Yildiz Holding and MBK Partners are manufacturing Godiva chocolate. Yildiz Holding has been working as the Godiva chocolate producer since December 2007. Later in 2019, MBK Partners purchased shares and began working with Yildiz.

Yildiz Holding is a Turkish multi-industry company. It is famous for producing food products. Sabri Ulker and Asim Ulker established this company in 1944 in Istanbul, Turkey.

On the other hand, MBK Partners is a North Asian-based private equity firm. It was founded in 2005. Michael ByungJu Kim established this firm, and in 2022, it has six billion dollars in assets under management.

The Belgian Chocolates Are Different From The Us Chocolates

Don’t expect the folks at Godiva to show favoritism to one version of their chocolate over the other. “Our couverture, or chocolate coating, is precisely the same as what we use in Brussels because we contract with a manufacturing facility to process it identically and to ship to both plants,” David Albright, then-president of Godiva Worldwide told The Washington Post in 1994.

This doesn’t mean that the chocolates don’t have subtle differences. For example, the American-made Godiva truffles are a little more round than the Belgian ones. Then, of course, there’s the issue of ingredients. Many U.S. states have restrictions on alcohol in candy. This means that the U.S.-made Godiva chocolate is, of course, different than its liquor-enhanced European counterpart. There’s also a difference in the sugars used in the American versus European Godiva chocolate. For example, in the chocolates made in Reading, Pennsylvania, cane sugar is used, whereas in Belgium beet sugar goes into those chocolate truffles. Godiva officials admit that the two sugars might be different in their raw state but assure customers that in the end, there’s no difference. Of course, some palates may disagree.

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Godiva Branding And Packaging

The Godiva brand has always sold itself as an upscale product. The boxes of candies have gold tops and the classic mixed variety method is used to build these boxes. You will also find more practical pouch-style bags that are colored to match the variety of Godiva truffle that is inside of them. Smaller candies such as the hearts might be offered in bags that are themed for holidays like Valentines Day or they could be packaged in a silver and white bag during non-holiday periods.

Godiva packaging has not changed much in the last twenty years, and the simple logo with the bold letters and the image of the horse and rider have been a part of product design almost since the company became a major player in this space. This is one of the most classic and unchanged candy branding efforts which is likely due to the fact that the product was originally sold primarily from a boutique-style location that offers in-person buying.

Candy boxes with various different candy flavors and varieties inside them have waned some in popularity over the years, but Godiva still offers this kind of candy product to its customers. This is a very simple yet refined candy product that is marketed at reasonable prices to a high-end product niche. You will appreciate the packaging styling if you need to give a gift, or you can just feel like you are spoiling yourself if you decide to splurge on a variety box of this candys favorites.

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